How To Stay Well With This Winter??? Ways To Follow!!!

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One of the most awaited season Winter which is usually too busy and as well amazing. A schedule of events taking place one after the other like – parties, family gathering, marriages, birthdays, celebrations etc. Amongst all these, it is quite important to keep yourself fit and healthy. As we all know in winter that days are shorter and the weather is too cold, so find a motivation to stay healthy is quite difficult which generally affects your immune system and thus increases the chances of being affected with diseases. Although, it is the perfect time to take care of oneself and keep oneself healthy and fit.

Here are a few ways that will help you to stay well in this winter probably suggested by Ortho hospital in Chennai which will help you to take care of yourself in a better way.

  1. Prefer slow-cooked, moist meals over fast oily food. The best thing to have in this season is soup full of veggies and a good amount of protein which is best suited for all winter and dry and days.
  2. Proper eating and sleeping routine, therefore, it is necessary to have a proper schedule to each and sleep for a minimum of eight hours which would prevent from the weakening of immune system and keep one away from cold and flu.
  3. Opt for indoor activities for Gym, one can use this very season to the fullest in order to try out for new fitness activities in the gym. Where you can challenge yourself and overcome the fear of trying out new fitness workout.
  4. Absorb more of fibre-rich and green vegetables as it helps to reduce the cholesterol level and helps to reduce body weight accompanied by intake of proper nutrients and fats.
  5. Prepare a feel-good menu where you can involve all the things that you like doing and that helps to be happy. Make a list of things and try to work them out which helps you to restore your mood and keep it light.
  6. Add on omega 3 fatty acid in your diet. As it helps to a great extent to reduce joint pains and stiffness of muscles and as well helps to lower the depression levels.
  7. Cook with Spices, as winter is the right time to have flavoured dishes filled with ginger, garlic, onion etc. as it makes the food tasty and as well improves the immune system.
  8. Keep yourself warm from inside by in taking more of hot beverages like – coffee, tea in a limited quantity. Consuming ginger and green tea are good for health.
  9. Go for a hearty breakfast as winter is the best season to have porridge. Eating a bowlful of porridge in winter morning is the best way to start your day as it provides you with the required amount of energy helps one to feel full for a long time.
  10. Increase in intake of more milk: In the cold winter days in order to take care of your immune system and to keep it fit milk products are best one and are a good source of proteins, vitamin A & B12 and as well calcium.
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So this winter avoids taking risk of your health and treat yourself to the best as winters are the best season to be enjoyed and get connected to your social networks. Though it is essential to take care of fooding habits, workouts, activities required to do etc. Make your winters happy with all your dear ones and never forget to intake healthy nutrition as winter is the time when our immunity system gets a week and is mostly affected by viral and contagious diseases.

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