How To Train Your Brain For Everyday Happiness And Success – Create A Healthy Mindset

The brain is one of the most important organs and is considered to be the central organ of the human nervous system. More than the physical body, it is the brain that needs to be trained well to conquer any real-life situations. Experts suggest that in order to keep the brain more active, one must know how to stimulate and train it effectively.

If you want to build yourself to become more happy and successful in life then you must exercise your brain to change the way you think. Training our brain to think differently will help in problem-solving and decision-making. Here we have listed exercises to train your brain and to create a healthy mindset.

How To Train Your Brain For Everyday Happiness And Success – Create A Healthy Mindset 1


It is quite common for any human being to have thoughts that are troublesome to a great extent. On average, a human brain works around 70000 thousand thoughts in a day. You must identify the thoughts which were like “This is not possible”, or “I’m not capable of attaining that goal”, or “I couldn’t be any helpful to others” etc as they are not helpful in constructing a healthy mindset.

Instead of letting those unhelpful thoughts dominate you, you must reply to those thoughts with a positive feedback saying “I can give a try irrespective whether it is possible or not”, or “I can give my best to get closer to the goal rather not attempting at all”, or “I can discuss with others and get to know how I can be of helpful to them”.


Train your brain as if you are talking with a friend or a close relative and start spending time to create quality thoughts. Rather than let your brain think, you may address the mistakes you did by acknowledging and advising your brain as if you are advising a close one of yourself. Showing compassion towards us results in gaining trust from the brain and that psychologically improves your well-being.

How To Train Your Brain For Everyday Happiness And Success – Create A Healthy Mindset 2


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We are living in the age of distraction where we are constantly provided with unnecessary information through social media and television media. Invest yourself in a brain-training game to become a problem solver, start with solving a Rubik’s Cube or play Chess, or working on an arithmetic puzzle. This helps your brain to think more and it will train your mind to get better at decision making. If you want to get physically active then you may go for a run or have a good laugh with your friends and families, a good laugh helps your brain to decrease the depression and increases positive behaviors.

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