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Hugh Jackman’s OneLastTime: Official Trailer of Logan [Videos]

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For the final time, Hugh Jackman will portray the iconic superhero character “Wolverine” in his upcoming superhero flick, Logan. Intended to be the final installment of the Wolverine series, the movie tracks the life of an aging Wolverine who along with Professor Xavier faces his final battle to save a young mutant pursued by dark forces.



Produced by Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment and The Donner’s Company, Logan is directed by James Mangold who wielded the megaphone for the franchise’s previous installment, The Wolverine (2013). Distributed by 20th Century Fox, Logan has Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart reprising the role Wolverine/Logan and Professor Xavier respectively while Dafne Keen will portray Laura, the young mutant Laura.

Filmed in IMAX format, Logan will premiere at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival while its wide release is scheduled on March 1 2017.

COURTESY: 20th Century Fox [Video] | ScreenRant [Image]

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