iBubble - Autonomous Underwater Camera

iBubble – An Autonomous Underwater Camera [Tech]

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Underwater diving is an amazing activity to be experienced and enjoyed. Those experiences could be shared with a camera that captures that wonderful moments but robs us of those experiences. It seems both don’t go hand in hand, either we experience or we capture those moments. What if there is a camera that automatically captures those moments without supervision so that we enjoy the underwater diving.? Here comes the solution …


A French company has developed an autonomous underwater drone ‘iBubble’ that captures images and videos by itself. 5Kg drone could operate at a maximum Depth of 197 feet and effectively operates at a maximum distance of 80 feet from the user. The product comes with iOs/Android app that allows users stream contents to their Smartphone. The drone is powered by Rechargeable 4S 8000 mAh Li-Po battery and will last for 60 minutes when fully charged.

For more information visit : http://ibubble.camera/

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