If Buying a Used Car, Why Should You Prefer Buying a Certified One?

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For buyers on a little tight budget, a used car model is worth an option to get more of their money. Although new cars are amazing, they come with high price tags that are not affordable for every buyer. Hence, purchasing a used car is a good way to save money. But, is it worth to prefer a pre-owned model that is “certified”? Let’s get its answer in this post.

What Is A Certified Pre-Owned Or Used Car?

Certified pre-owned or CPO cars are low-mileage used cars that have some type of extension of the factory warranty term. Though these vehicles cost more to buy than non-certified used cars, they are less expensive than new models. Buying a used car was considered a certain kind of chore because a purchaser has to review maintenance records, car insurance policy, and pay an extra amount for car inspection and repair. CPO car saves this investment because it has been already inspected by a mechanic and offered with a full report.

Key Beneficial Points That Make CPO Car Worth To Buy:

Purchasing a CPO car means purchasing the used car with immense peace of mind of a new model. Let’s find out why paying for a certified pre-owned vehicle can provide you more bang for your buck.

1. Warranty

Certified used cars come with warranty coverage (original basic & the original powertrain warranty). Certified pre-owned programs give 24-hour roadside support with no investment required. Depending on the duration of extended warranty coverage, the owner may ask for help in any situation such as require a jump-start, run out of gas, something breaks. Make sure you thoroughly check what is included and excluded in the warranty coverage.

2. Full Inspection

A CPO car passes a multi-point inspection before it sold out. The inspection process includes testing individual item such as mechanical parts, shocks, electronic components, tires, interior, etc to ensure the tip-top condition of a vehicle. If a car does not meet the CPO program standard, it will be reconditioned or repaired.

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3. Financing Deals

CPO cars come with low-interest financing deals. This low-interest rate also lowers monthly payment allowing a buyer to save a lot on the total cost of purchasing a used car. Like other car purchases, you can also get the best deals on car insurance policy and easily negotiate the price.

4. Well-Maintained

CPO programs cover free maintenance for a certain mileage limit and time duration as per strict maintenance standard in the certification process.

5. Leasing

Car buyers who love to drive expensive pre-owned cars can meet their desires without burning a hole in a pocket by purchasing CPO vehicles.

6. More Brands Now Have CPO Programs

Those days are no longer when CPO programs are limited to only luxury manufacturers. Today, nearly all automakers are including this program with more extras such as free maintenance for a year or more, trip interruption reimbursement, roadside assistance, and more for complete satisfaction.

With so many benefits and extra coverage, certified pre-owned cars are probably the one to buy.

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