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Procrastination is nothing but intentionally avoiding to a particular task you were supposed to do. All along our human lives, for so many things we were told to do things but never taught how to do it. Every single human being on this earth have grown up in a unique way and expecting same actions from everyone is stupidity. People procrastinate to do the tasks for several factors, mainly these things doubts, no self-belief, what if it goes wrong, etc. In order to be productive and to never ever procrastinate you must follow the below simple things in your life.


When someone provides you a task, it is their duty to ensure that you are provided with the necessary details and the required environment. When someone vaguely receives an order to perform a particular task but confused how to proceed when there is a hurdle is not your fault but the person who have assigned it.


But these days, we cannot accept to get every required detail regarding the tasks. Hence, we should question everything and get a clarity on what exactly to be done and address the common hurdles that might come along the way. If the task is something assigned to you by yourselves then make sure you have the required detail. If you do not have any required info, do not leave it as it is rather plan for ways to get what you want.



Bestseller author Brian Tracy wrote in his Eat That Frog, how we can understand the things happening around and eventually put an end to procrastination. We need to understand the facts about things before giving up on them. Accept the fact that progress take time, you can eat a whole elephant in just a bite. Break them down to little parts, and do it one by one. Similarly, you can figure various facts that you should know in the above-mentioned book. Give it a read and your life will turn in positive ways.

Give yourself enough time to understand the problem, and keep yourself farther at the beginning to get a clear picture about the problem. Remember, you are procrastinating only because you are confused how to proceed and not because you do not want to do it.


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