Impact of Job Security Owing to Automation in 2017

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When we are about to search a job, we would like to search something secure and long lasting. Since no one wants to keep on changing the job every now and then. Of course, we can get so many jobs and we can keep changing the jobs often, but it will not give any kind of experience or expertise to us. As you all know that, the experience is very important for getting high paid positions and designations. Especially, IT industries are something that will ask for experience when you are about to work on designations like project managers, software developers, programmers, HR managers, team leads and several other. Many people will think that IT job is not that secured. Let us now discuss the security of the IT jobs.

Job Security in IT

Of course, we will work by putting what we had only when we know that this job is secure and durable for us. Since no one will waste their efforts and contribute as much as they can for a job that remains no longer. But the security of the job is not something that always depends on the ups and downs of the industry, rather the job security is all about the skills you have. If you are skilled enough and keep updating yourself regarding the skills required for working in an IT industry, then, of course, you will never be thrown out of the company. It may sound crazy but this is the fact actually. Without having the mandatory skills or updating the skills you have, you cannot survive in the IT industry for a longer period of time.

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Job Openings of IT Industry

Each and every year, the IT industry will recruit the candidates. No matter either is it the freshers or experienced ones. As far as the coming year is concerned, the recruitments will focus on developers, project managers, and consultants. The percentage of the recruitments will be based on the growth of the IT industry. If you are a candidate that would like to be a part of an IT industry, then you can consider doing cloud certification in Chennai. The cloud certification is something that will help you troubleshoot the problems that occur in the cloud environment.

Pros and Cons of Automation

Automation is nothing but the use of automatic equipment in a process or a project. In short, automation is just monitoring the progress of the process. Now, let us discuss the pros and cons of the automation.

Pros of Automation

  • Automation can eliminate the requirement of hiring administrative employees.
  • The manual error will be eliminated.
  • Automation can save some cost that you spend on hiring the administrative employees.
  • The progress of the work will be increased.

Cons of Automation

  • Automation requires extreme degree of technical assistance.
  • In automation, the output of a project will vary from time to time.
  • Each new automation requires quality assurance process.
  • Quality assurance process will be carried out by a quality assurance expert and hence you need to hire the quality assurance expert.

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