Importance of Maize- Success Stories of Corn

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Maize and its products are very useful in India. This is a cereal that is important both in the developed as well as the developing countries in the world. In India, it plays a very major role in the consumption. Let us have a look at the importance of the cultivation of this crop in India:

  1. Used for consumption– Maize is used for feeding animals in India. The major chuck of feed of the animals contains maize. In the Indian agriculture system, it has a very high position on an average every year about 10 million tones is cultivated from 6 million hectares. It has the equal ranking as rice, wheat, jwahar, and bajra etc.
  2. Used for domestic purpose– Maize is also used in most household for domestic use. Preparation of a number of food items is done with this as the base. The corn oil is most used. It has a wide range of taste as well as health properties.
  3. Industrial use- Maize is also used for a number of industrial purposes. It has a number of uses. Along with using it for human consumption, it can also be used for livestock and for the production of starch free food products like alcohols etc.


Cultivation of Maize-

In common language, maize is called corn. Its cultivation is done on a very large scale by the maize exporters in India. The process of cultivation is very simple and fast. The best part is that maize can undergo and withstand all kind of climatic condition hence it makes it very easy and fast growing. It is not a seasonal item. It can grow in the most part of the Asian country all round the year. Let us have a look at the steps that are involved in the process of cultivation:

  • Sowing of the maize- In most Asian regions maize grows best in the months of June, July, September, and October. Weather around this time is most favorable and best for the cultivation of this crop.
  • Land selection and preparation of the field- Before cultivation, the selection of the land is made and that land is prepared for a healthier production.
  • Treatment to the seeds- For a better crop it is made sure that the right kind of treatment is given to the seeds. Proper uses of pesticides are done and ensured a healthier crop.
  • The method of sowing- The cultivation is done by making use of the seeds. It is important to leave a space of about 10mm between each crop for the best results.
  • Irrigation- Irrigation is watering of the crop. The irrigation must be done in the right amount and in the right way.

At last, we can conclude by saying that the maize is a very healthy crop that is very beneficial for consumption as well as industrial use. Asia is one of the largest producers, as well as they, are the leading maize exporters in India. This crop has a wide range of health benefits that will keep you staying healthy and young for a longer period of time.


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