Importance of Personalized Match Box – Business Tactics

Importance of Personalized Match Box - Business Tactics 1
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Importance of Personalized Match Box - Business Tactics 2


People are always shocked that a restaurant has safety matches at its front desk. Although now the matchbooks are not preferred as a go to a  souvenier, with a great customized background, the surprise of the guest is astounding, although matchboxes are not used much as complementary gifts, but this particular entrepreneur says that “Everybody loves a lovely matchbox. “He says that, we think of custom made match boxes as a nostalgic memorabilia, that people hold onto.”

Due to the changes in the laws and regulations, the amount of smokers has diminished, but it does not slow down the appeal and utilization of the matchboxes does decrease. As many businesses formerly used matchboxes as branding collectibles, they still remember it as a great gift. Some hotels go as far as not to offer other matchbox alternatives such as scratchpads or toothpicks, as they consider them less desirable.

It has been observed that people, who do not smoke, generally use more matches than the people.

A Brief History

A particular company’s success in promoting its performance with the help of match covers that were illustrated led to a leap in the matchboxes used as sources of marketing. In the early 19th century people saw its importance and started using matchboxes as gift articles. They gained the knowledge to use them for branding and started customizing them and so we got match boxes wholesale. One of the old marketing salesman quotes that “The customized matchboxes were a hit because, they offered 20 to 30 percent of exposure”.

Personalised matchbox lead to more exposure

The numbers of smokers now have diminished and also due to laws and regulations regarding public smoking, the utility of matchboxes has decreased. But still restaurants tend to buy branded safety matches because of their quality. Hotels provide various other products for branding mainly toiletries like soaps, shampoos, and shower gel. Although customers use them, and generally take it with them in their bags, the hotels consider this in their average countdowns and it is a form of marketing. But as they are personal hygiene products, they are not exposed to the public. But a personalised matchbox is used outside say for smoking, or in the kitchen, even for dinner when lightning candles. They also tended to be in the cars for all purposes. The matchboxes are exposed in more amounts than the other collectibles.

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In this era of competitive business, the restaurants and hotels are using a lot of branding strategies they provide you a lot of complementary meals, and different entertaining programmes. For the marketing strategies they now make use of Digital technology on a highest level, social media influences are a great perk for businesses nowadays.

A lot of businesses use digital marketing strategies for advertising. But some traditional business still tends to use the physical marketing approach. They use a lot of customised articles like pens, T-shirts, hats, posters, teddy bears and fridge magnets. But a safety matches is a tiny application, as consumers carry it as a giveaway gift, the people gain familiarity with the logo that is on the matchbox, and it may also lead to a quick inquiry for the brand.

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