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Buying a new product will be bring more joy to every one and we all get intimidated by latest gadgets and stuff. Cars are one of the top things we humans crave to buy in our lifetime to enjoy with our family, friends, and colleagues.

So, when buying a new car, not many knew the basic things they should be aware of. This is not something we should learn by doing, we should first understand and go to buy which will save your time, money and life as well.

Typical things you should be aware of is to know how you can drive the vehicle. This will help in driving anybody’s vehicle as it requires, can be tour friends where you can drive one after another for some distance.


But when you are actually planning to buy a new or a second-hand car, you should be aware of the car and their types. Below is the list of 3 main car types and how they were differentiated in the society.



This type of cars is the smallest car we typically notice on the roads. Compact in nature, with multi use rear end seats/dickey area. This type of cars is cheapest among the other car types. It does have 3 door & 5 door designs, where in 5 door designs you can convert 2nd row to get more space to store things in the back.

The site uses images to explain objects.
The site uses images to explain objects.


Next in the list, is the SEDAN type of cars which are longer than Hatchback type with little more spacious on all three modules of the car. Modules are the engine part, seating rows, and the cargo area. In terms of performance, SEDAN is more powerful and fast enough. Typically, this type of car is considered as a family car as it can comfortably seat a 4 or 5-member family and carry cargo at the same time.


SUV type of cars are those which truly intimidate viewers during an advertisement on the television, theaters and other areas. Why so? It is because this type of vehicle is mutually acceptable for on/off road driving. Which means you can ride them not just on city roads, highway roads and also on forest roads, terrains, mud, grasses as well as most other terrains.


Above are the three major car types used by everyday public people on various parts of the world. The other type of cars is the COUPE, MINIVAN/VAN, CONVERTIBLE, STATION WAGON/ESTATE, SPORTS CAR, PICKUP TRUCKS and many more. So, you should be researching on the cars and getting various details about them before getting one.


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