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Every time, we need to add a image from another site to our WordPress website, it is more time consuming and monotonous. Either we save the image file locally and upload back to WordPress site or we directly embed it to the site.

Embedding image directly, if the source file is removed, it leaves a broken image in our site. To avoid having broken image, we prefer to have import the image to our media gallery and save it in our server.

Adding images to site, you have to spend precious time downloading the image first and then importing it to the site.

[appbox wordpress save-grab]

This plugin avoid the download process and gives an option to directly import the Image to your site’s media gallery. It allows you to upload images directly from the internet without having to download them first.

Download the Grab & Save WordPress Plugin here

Activate the plugin and you will be able to see the option ‘Grab & Save’ in the ‘Add Media’ option in Add or Edit Post/Page.

Click Tracker and Link Manager

Just enter the Image URL and the optional image name, which will be name of image file. If you don’t give optional image name, the same image name in the URL will be imported into the site.

Click ‘GRAB‘, you work is done, the image is imported into your WordPress site. Thier is option to insert the image into post and also option to set it as featured image.

Note: Do not copy images from the web unless you have the proper permission. Also if you are using image that belongs to someone else, make sure you give proper attribution.


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