Improve Employee Communication Experience with Ease – Ways to Implement


Are you in search of a better communication platform that helps your team to bounce ideas off each other? At the same time, you need instant messenger that save time to make your workplace a better one?

Good news! It can be done. To improve business productivity, we have to deploy a better communication platform. Yes, the recent survey stats that being not connected for 24*7 hours more than 51% of the US workforce is not engaged. Yes, as per this most of the firms are still offering older tech platform, infrastructure, and practices that doesn’t suit this modern-day work culture.

There’s no doubt that motivated and happy employees are more productive and loyal.  So, how do you improve your employees experience so that they can perform at their best?

With instant messenger software, you can improve overall productivity and replace all outdated communication medium that hampers growth. So, without any further ado, let’s grab these super-kick ways to enhance your employee experience with the best instant messenger for office use.

Adapt the latest technology trends

Generally, to wow the clients and employees over your organization, employers use various technology advancements; but somehow, technology and its overgrowth seem to elude their workforce. Yes, some of the outdated means of communication like emails, intranet platforms, obsolete software, and more can transport your new age of employees to elude their business productivity.

So, businesses who are reluctant to implement the new age of communication in their workplace can improve business morale. Also, they should try to replicate successful current trends that their employees have used to.

How IM Help On this?

Choose the best instant messenger that makes you feel connected and much more informed. At the same time, the messenger should support on multi-platform like desktop, smartphones (both Android & iPhone) and even in web browsers to ensure your team members are in connection with each other even in outstation. Overall, it should act like a friend which should respond quickly for any updates.

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Ask Employees- How Can We Be Different?

Employees are the best source of ideas to create a successful and innovative company. Despite showing off their creative, employees feel disgusting at some point, of instance. Due to the poor infrastructure or the reluctance on the part of the employees may get their workflow awkward.

The employees should express their point of view freely; to share off ideas within your organization, employers need to implement the best mode of communication. Implementing traditional media like emails can surpass individual creativity. Do you like to demotivate them? No, don’t do like this.

How IM Help On this?

To sort the above issue, some of the instant messengers offer private chats and group chats for specific teams, projects and departments t communicate seamlessly. IM encourage your employees to share their brainstorming ideas that make your business highly profitable and improve customer service.

Encourage and Respect Employee Feedback

When one-time communication was the only approach, the upper management and the workers merely followed orders without any scope of contributing ideas or feedback. In accordance to that, one-way communication provide a complete sense of control but shut down thoughts from your employees and hamper growth to competitors who listen to their employees.

So, try to listen your employee’s words because they are close to your customers and services you provide. Moreover, employees are the one who know where flaws exist over your operations and can propose right solution for it.

How IM Help On this?

Many of the instant messengers feature both group chats and private chats to ensure two-way communication. With these feature, employees can easily share their ideas and feedback and build a company culture that nurtures open communication. No tension regarding security breach, why because it has complete control of your chat network via the admin portal.

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