Improve your Chances of Getting Job in IT with these Certifications

Many graduates with UG and PG degrees think that is enough to acquire a job in the field of Information Technology. In this competitive world, a college degree alone will not guarantee you to get a job, even if you have studied Engineering courses. There is a big demand for people with top-notch computer skills. There are more you need to do to make yourself employable by taking on additional valuable and certified short-term courses like selenium courses, appium training, hp loadrunner training, etc., These courses are essential to gain professional knowledge and skills on a concerned program. Here we see some trending top certified courses that improve your chances to get placed in IT.

Certification course

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has evolved as fast-growing cloud computing in the past few years. Companies are looking forward to hiring AWS certified employees to the implementation of AWS projects. With an AWS certification, you are guaranteed a good pay. Taking AWS certified courses will help you know the basic terminology and field practices and help you emerge as a top-notch AWS professional. If you are hunting for jobs, with an AWS accreditation on your CV will directly make it to the interview.

Big Data
Globally in IT field, the demand for skilled big data professionals is rising high. Various job titles associated with big data, some major roles are Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer and Data Science. Fresh graduates after UG and PG can take additional training courses on Big Data Training to have in-depth knowledge and enhance their professional skill. This training program helps them to experience real-world problems in practical exposure and skills to find a solution. The experienced professional who willing to career advancement switch can take additional training courses to have hands-on experience and become an expert. This additional Big Data Certification guides you right direction and also increase the salary.

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Database Administrator
As the data storage is central for all business, the demand for the highly skilled database professional is high. This profession deals with all functions involved in database development, storage, security and retrieval and archival. They work with database management systems software and determine ways to organize and store data. Database administrators are expected to a faster than usual growth in the coming years. Certification course in ODAC (Oracle Database Administration Courses), DB2 and PostgreSQL will give you professional skills and improve your chances to get into the industry.

Web Development

Web development is another rapidly growing department, it deals with web site design, development and web applications. After the evolution of the smartphone, most people spend their most time of day in websites and web related apps.  Many companies looking for employees with creative and technical web development skills. To grab this job, it is recommended to take courses on Web Programming and application development that gives you knowledge of .NET, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby.

One of the biggest challenges in IT industry is that things are constantly changing and evolving. IT professionals must always stay updated by learning new technologies as they are introduced to the market.

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