Incredible Facts The Success Kid who financed his Father’s therapy

Incredible Facts: Know Sammy Griner a.k.a ‘The Success Kid’ who financed his Father’s therapy

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Incredible Facts The Success Kid who financed his Father’s therapy

Every single internet user would come across the above image of a kid clasping his fists with a strong-willed look on his face, he is Sammy Griner popularly known as the Success Kid. The Kid’s popularity across the digital media helped his family receive funds through donations for curing his father’s ailment.

The popularity of the kid started when his mother, Laney Griner uploaded a photo of his son to Flickr in 2007. The image gained popularity with Memes called “I Hate Sandcastles” which ultimately transformed into Success Kid Meme during the course of time. According to Laney, the photo was shot when Sammy was trying to eat sand (You could see Sammy grasping sand with his fists).

Incredible Facts The Success Kid who financed his Father’s therapy ; Grown Up; Now and Then

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The popularity of the image and subsequent approach by corporate to utilize the image prompted Laney to license the image.  In 2013, she hired Ben Lashes, a “Meme Manager” representing her son and his likeness. This lead to deals with various firms utilizing Sammy’s image, most notably with Virgin Mobiles and Hot Topic.

In 2015, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by Laney for paying Sammy’s father, her husband Justin Griner’s Kidney Transplant. Prior to Sammy’s birth, Justin was diagnosed with Kidney failure and needed dialysis for four hours a day, three days a week. Initially reluctant to link Sammy, Laney finally employed Sammy’s popularity for the campaign and later admitted they wouldn’t have received such a huge volume of donations without their son’s presence.

Incredible Facts The Success Kid who financed his Father’s therapy; Sammy with his father Justin Griner

With a goal of $ 75,000, the campaign raised $9,000 during the first 5 days and ultimately ended up raising $ 93,000 from 4,496 people. As per reports, the family is looking for a living or a dead donor to initiate the transplant.

IMAGE COURTESY: Verge | Lolsnaps | Pulptastic (As per article’s sequence)

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