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It is no surprise that major Indian cities facing various pollution ranging from air pollution, noise pollution, etc. In recent times, the most noticed incident is the Delhi air pollution which raised questions across all nooks and corners in our country. Governments have brought many ideas and planners to combat these environmental issues which alters the nature and its patterns.

Currently the talk of the town is the all new Honda Activa CNG Scooter (Scooty) launched in India by the government itself. Though many have congratulated this move, there is still a doubt that how far this will help combat the major pollution’s problems in the country?


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Major cities like Delhi, Kerala have brought strict action planner to combat the raising air pollution. Imposed partial ban of vehicles that polluting the environment was a brave move by the government. This raised a lot of questions but overall it opened up a new view of caring our environments. Citizens have started to give up their comfort and began to ride on shared vehicles, neighbors who fought against each other have become friends when they realize that it benefits the environment and country.


Petroleum and diesel vehicles emission are the highest when compared to other variants. If there could be one major break to this solve this issue, it should be the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) says, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). In an effort to promote this CNG type vehicles, the government itself launched the Honda Activa CNG Scooter (Two-Wheelers CNG Kit). Initially, it is said that there were 10 scooters provided for the pizza delivery associates for a complete which resulted in positive feedbacks adds, ARAI.

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Compressed Natural Gas technology combined with four wheelers have been well received by car lover’s years ago. Similarly, the Honda Activa CNG Kit is expected to be welcomed with passion to provide a better environment to ourselves and our children.

This scooter will be the first two-wheeler in India with the CNG fuel containing two cylinders. Each cylinder said to have 1 kg gas capacity to provide approximately 100 km/liter mileage. Who would say no I wonder says a nature and two-wheeler enthusiast.

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