Indigo Rain Organic Thai Purple Sticky Rice – Surprising Facts And Health Benefits

Thai rice


In this world, there is a wide variety of rice. In general, rice grains vary according to different factors such as size, texture, shape, aroma, price, and stickiness. Also, rice is available in different colors like white, red, brown and dark purple. Specifically, there are a number of varieties of purple rice are available. Indigo Rain Organic Thai Purple Sticky Rice is rich in iron and protein and it is loaded with fiber and vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and this rice presents potential to improve the length and quality of the life.

Traditional rice which is famous in Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Singapore, Philipines and the Malaysia is the purple rice. This rice is often used in desserts in combination with the fruits, coconut, sugar or honey.

About Purple Rice

The purple rice gets its royal color from its outer coating of the black bran. When this rice is cooked, the brand of this rice will give a nutty flavor, chewy texture and gives an essential dietary fiber. The purple rice finds great demand for the health benefits and commonly found in the online stress, organic food stores, and health food stores. Also, most of the rice exporters across the world export this purple rice to all other parts of the world.

The grains of this rice also known as the black sticky rice will changes to black color from brownish amber when it is dried. The grains of this rice turn into deep purple color when it is cooked. This is because this rice is not hulled and each kernel of this rice will provide extra toasty flavor and texture.

Health benefits of Purple Rice

The studies of modern medical research confirm that the purple rice is a good thing founded by the ancient people. This rice is rich in nutrients and contains anthocyanins and antioxidants. This provides the rice its specific deep purple color. As this rice contains more antioxidants it has superior properties for anti-aging. Also, a recent study on the black rice revealed that the purple rice has a higher level of antioxidants than blueberries. It also revealed that just one ounce of cooked purple rice bran has more anthocyanin and antioxidants than the fresh blueberries. In addition, this rice also provides more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants to the body and less in sugar content.

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Because of its good quality and health benefits, this rice is available and exported by best quality rice exporters and it is little costlier than other rice brands. The studies of medical research point out that taking this purple rice will turn down the risk of heart attacks and cancer. Persons those who have these diseases can take this rice in their regular diet.

Also, adding purple rice to the diet will lower the high blood pressure, reduce the cardiovascular problems and improves the blood circulation in the body. As this rice is a rich source of antioxidants, this rice is helpful in avoiding the long-term health issues like Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

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