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Princess Diana, the name definitely rings a bell; a search about her on the net would end up displaying results crossing millions. Leaving the very obvious facts, the below words she quoted is a standing testimony to her presence, resolve and a positive impact she left to the coming generations.

I think, I’m going to cut a very different path from everyone else. I’m going to break away from this set -up and go help the man on street…

A car accident resulted in her death on August 31, 1997 left the world shell-shocked. Two decades after her death, the name carries a influence and an aura that’s irresistible beyond imagination. So powerful is Diana’s legacy. What made her so special? While many strive to lead, she was the chosen one; a natural leader in every sense.

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There was always something special about her smile, her love for children and her real care towards the sick and needy. Even as a child she was always a busy, tidy little girl, going around the house at night making sure all the curtains were drawn and tucking up the zoo of small furry animals which crowded her bed. The warm, maternal, caring streak which characterized her adult life was becoming evident in her daily life. Even as early as 19 when she got married to Prince Charles, Diana had a charismatic independent personality that was too powerful that could neither be controlled or ignored.

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Diana ensured her martial life never interfered with her public responsibilities. She made good use of her image in supporting a lot of good causes gaining worldwide appreciation. Despite facing numerous challenges personally and professionally, she was strong woman inspiring many. Her biography from her childhood, her marriage to her death mirrors a fairy tale gone awry.

Various princesses come and go with time, but a few elite ones like Diana remain in people’s mind and heart forever.

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