Inner and outer beauty: how to find the balance?

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Inner and outer beauty: how to find the balance?

One cannot reject the fact that the society, where we live, in a certain way, determines our standards of living. Today, the influence of social media and networks, such as Instagram, for example, is undeniable. Women all over the world are exposed to popular beauty trends and the standards of physical appearance to fit in, and in this race for the perfect beauty and entire youngness, more and more women completely forget about another essential aspect of beauty, which is inner beauty. May be it does not seem evident, however, these two concepts of inner and outer beauty to strongly correlated.


Inner beauty

It is widely known fact that the strongest motivation is the one that is born in you, the external factors also encourage a person to take certain actions, however, the energy, which is accumulated in you, will drive you much further than the outer factors. Now, let us look at it practically.  Suppose, there is a woman, scrolling down her Instagram. When this woman watches various posts by different models bloggers in perfect shape, she is in, a certain way, motivated to enhance her own appearance to fit it our modern beauty standards. However, she is likely to miss one important thing! If you want to become more beautiful, change your physical appearance, or to be in a better form, all these desires are perfect, but the motivation to realize all these plans must come from your own desire to be better, not from other’s posts and opinions.  

Balance between inner and outer beauty

According to many phycologists, the strongest motivation to take care of yourselfand to improve your physical appearance is born in a balanced personality that is to say, a person, who manages to maintain the balance between outer and inner beauty. Thus, along with developing your physical appearance, it is of the highest importance to develop your mind, your personality, your character. Once you are balanced inside, this will transfer to your physical appearance as well.

Outer beauty

 As it was previously mentioned, there is a large proportion of women, who are entirely concerned about their look, and are in constant chase for new procedures to preserve their youngness. However, there is also a certain part of women who are against all the procedures aimed at maintaining a younger appearance as much as possible. They adhere to the position, that all this beauty propaganda is imposed by the men’s attachment to younger women, and women should not be afraid of ageing, as it is an absolutely natural process. For example, when botox injections appeared in cosmetology, they raised a big wave of criticism. There were a large number of opinions that botox injections are highly dangerous for the health, and women must not risk their health only to get rid of undesired wrinkles in order to look younger for men. Nowadays, of course, the situation has significantly changed. Today, botox injections are highly popular all over the world, it can be confirmed by hundreds of thousand procedures performed all over the world every day. By the way, the myth that botox injections can bring a serious damage to human organism has faded today. Furthermore, the procedure is proved to be absolutely safe for a human organism. Thus, it you want to benefit from botox or any other procedure aimed at enhancing your physical appearance, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it, however, what is very important to remember that no cosmetic procedure will make you beautiful inside, so take proper care of two side of your beauty, and you will be twice more beautiful.   


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