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Marketing is one of the dominant word used for the promotion of business. The main aim of marketing is to improve the business profits by boosting up sales. The trends of marketing have been changing daily and the challenges are acceptable. They are more focused on customer satisfaction to transform their business to next level.

Now the term marketing has been transformed in term of Digital likely called as Digital Marketing. Digital marketing will help to promote our brand awareness in Social Media. Everyone must have an account on all social media. Do you know? The US Population has a large number of Facebook users and 70% of local business leveraging Facebook.

Facebook Marketing:

The business page in Facebook gives room to increase exposure and to gather more leads. Approximately the Facebook has 1.4+ billion users so that you can drive a lot of traffic to your website through the Facebook page.  I hope this is an incredible opportunity for the startup companies to improve their brand awareness. The exposure is very important for the business to make it as a global reach. There are three marketing platforms Pages, Groups & Ads in Facebook to promote their brand. The main aim of Facebook marketing is to build a customer relationship with the business so that you can able to increase the leads. It is very important to reach a targeted audience to promote the business for potential customers. Also, 77 % buyers are willing to buy from companies whose CEOs uses Social Media. You need to invest the small amount of money in promoting the business and you can get in return with the help of likes and shares. The Facebook page must be updated daily with the new posts so that you can find new customers daily. Also, it is important to monitor competitor to promote the business in better way. Images will speak rather than content so it is recommended to use professional branding images. SEO will boost your site and the social media marketing will be an added advantage to it.

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Twitter Marketing:

Twitter marketing also helps to promote your business and to improve market visibility. The beauty of Twitter is that it provides you with an idea regarding the latest trends. Trend the topic on twitter so that you will get quick responses from the customers. Almost 100 million active Twitter users log in once in a day at least so there is a bright opportunity to develop the business easily. We can create a long lasting relationship with the loyal customers to monitor your brand reputation.

Other Social Media Marketing:

Not only Facebook and Twitter there are many other social media which help us in the promotion of product or business. Pinterest is the easy way to promote the business through pins. It’s a creative media to drive traffic with blog boards. Instagram is another interesting media to develop business with the help of brand images. Your brand images and videos will attract around 150 million users in form of free advertising. Likewise, the Flickr is also used to develop the business rapidly with the help of images.

Youtube marketing will capture the attention of all users in quick around time. 80 % of online audience prefer watching a video rather than reading text and 144 % opportunity of converting a customer exists when product video is added into the website. Likewise, 300 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded daily. Here you can see major improvements in ranking and also you will get worldwide accessibility.

LinkedIn is also one of the most important business – oriented social media site to watch over it. The LinkedIn page will increase the credibility and LinkedIn members can also follow companies which keep them up to date with important company information.

It is important for a company to be in social media in order to build a business and for great exposure. Backlink analysis and proactive link outreach take advantage of search engine tools as well as social media features. Social media marketing can help small businesses to achieve great results, but you’ll need to know how to use it effectively.

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