Interesting Informational Android apps for your children’s – Skills to improve


We all know that Google play is full of apps and games. There are millions of apps now in various categories. In that features a family section loaded with kid’s friendly apps and games. Apart there is an education sector where you could find some amazing informational apps for children. Here we list some interesting informational android apps for your children to improve their skills and spend their time wisely.

This is one of the most popular educational apps in play store. Memrise is a language learning application. It contains over hundreds of languages to learn in the easiest way.  This is a free app with an optional pro subscription. This is a creative app, uses some creative method to make you learn languages. It also has an offline mode to continue learning without internet. This app makes use of elaborate encoding which helps you to remember different concepts. The app also contains games as well as goals that to encourage you to keep going.

This is another most famous app in all mobile platform, NeuroNation is strengthening the brains of people all over the world with programs comprised of enjoyable, highly effective games. It has a wide range of challenges and structured training programs intended to enhance users’ cognitive functioning in several distinct areas. It has more than 50 games to pick, free membership offers 8 games.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom is another virtual classroom environment. This app is a free service for schools for anyone with a personal Google account. It makes easy for learners and instructors to connect with one another and interact inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper and it is easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate and stay organized. It’s definitely one of the best learning apps for children.

YouTube Kids
This is another interesting app developed by Google, this is a safe and simple app for children to explore the world via online streaming. They can surf through their favourite shows, music, tutorials. It has educational videos, entertainment content, and more that are specifically chosen for young minds. YouTube is still working on making sure content is child-friendly. This also has parental control option so you could tailor the experience as per family preference.

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English Grammar Book
This is another free app, covers almost all English grammar with simple explanations and fun quizzes. English Grammar Book has notes and tests on basics like Voices, Tenses, Prepositions, Adverbs and many other grammatical syntaxes.

Brain It On!

Brain it on is a physics puzzle application. It has a minimalistic appearance with an objective written on the screen.  It different approach from Sum, which relies primarily on math puzzles, and allows you to draw shapes to solve the various objectives given at each level. The game may require a lot of patience, depending on how good you are at figuring out these types of physics puzzles.

There are so many good apps out there for children. Some kids prefer learning with physical books, rather than these digital virtual learning. There are many good books publication there like book printing in Sivakasi to find out right books to your kids.


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