Interesting Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits of Rice – A Closer Look

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Rice is undoubtedly one of the most consumed foods in the world. It is also known for one of the healthiest foods human beings intake on a regular basis. Currently, it is the staple food of more than half of the world’s population. Actual facts say Asia is the largest exporter of rice products across the world. Countries like India, Thailand, Pakistan and Vietnam are leading the rice export race overall. China is considered to be the highest importer or rice in Asia. Outside Asia, Countries like the United States, and countries in Africa import most quantity of rice. India which exports major quantity of rice has the best quality rice exporters in the world. Maize and wheat products do not enter the international markets as they are consumed in large scale by where it is produced.

Numerous rice varieties have distinguishable health benefits. Most popular rice varieties are the white and brown rice. Comparing these two varieties presents a range of differences. White rice is the most commonly used rice varieties across the world. White rice is usually white in color, on the other hand, brown rice available in a variety of tones; brown, reddish, purplish or black.

No Gluten

Another major reason for huge quantity or rice consumption due to it includes no-gluten. This keeps rice out of the allergic foods list and people don’t want to intake gluten which prevents them from consuming important nutrients. As per Google, Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of the dough.

Powerful Antioxidants

Rice made into oil contains antioxidants which help to fight against and keep away the heart-related diseases. Bran oil is the oil extracted from the layer of rice. This oil contains the antioxidants which increase the immunity to bring the down impact during heart-related diseases.

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Rich in Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide the required energy to our body to perform activities. The world largest staple food Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates to supply energy to our body.


Brown rice is rich in health benefits but white rice export statistics is higher due to the requirement of the same. Likewise, rice provides more health and nutrition benefits depend on the intake of specific rice varieties.

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