International Schools In Chennai That Offer IGCSE Curriculum

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If you are a student looking to start out in a learning environment that caters to your interests, the IGCSE board of education might just be for you. The Cambridge curriculum features over 70 subjects for its students to choose from – from science, mathematics, economics, and history, to music, computer literacy, and travel & tourism!

The syllabus provides both national and global perspectives on each subject. Additionally, the examination process emphasizes more on understanding and real-world application, as opposed to rote learning. If you happen to be in Chennai and are looking to enroll your child/children in a school with the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, here are some of the top international schools that you can look into.

Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education: The well-known Chettinad group of schools has recently instituted Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education international school. Founded in 2017, Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education is located in Kelambakkam, Chennai, and offers an IGCSE Waldorf curricula for its students. Their academic programs aim to ensure a holistic and inclusive learning experience for all. With their emphasis on hands-on learning techniques, with particular attention paid to getting students immersed in nature on a regular basis (on their greenery-rich 108-acre campus), the school offers its students a truly rich learning experience. For those who might find the distance daunting, Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education offers boarding and residential facilities as well.

Headstart International: What started out as a nursery has now grown into an HLC International school. Headstart was founded in 1995 and provides its students the IGCSE board of education. Here, they channel their efforts into ensuring that their instructors utilize a wide range of teaching methods such as debate, simulations, and modeling. This is done to immerse their students entirely in the learning experience. Located in Shollinganallur, Headstart International is one of India’s top schools that offer the Cambridge International Examinations or CIE.

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Velammal Global School: Ranked as one of the top IGSCE schools in Chennai, the Velammal Global School offers several in-theory/practical program which follows the internationally renowned Cambridge curriculum. They provide students with a flexible program that aims to deeply engage all stakeholders involved. Situated in Ambattur, Chennai, the Velammal Global School syllabus spans over a spectrum of programs from kindergarten to Class 12.

The Indian Public School: The Indian Public School is a multi-campus school, situated across numerous locations in Chennai. They are affiliated with the Cambridge International Examination Board as well as the IB board. They provide IGCSE programs for Class 9-10 students. Here, their primary focus is directed towards intellectual inquiry, the application of learned knowledge, and helping students understand and respond to unfamiliar situations. The curriculum also aims to emphasize cultural awareness amongst its student body.

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