Investment in advanced digital printing machines – Do’s and Don’ts

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Digital printing is today the most preferred way of printing, whether you are printing small quantities or want prints in large scale. The commitment to the highest quality and in no time are the factors that have made digital printing technology the most in demand technology in the world of printing. Like the flamboyant and high demand information technology domain, the printing industry via its technologically advanced digital printing machinery, is a part of almost all types of working modules – manufacturing sector, the service industry or for that matter than any other commercial aspect.


Why is investing in digital printing machines a wise decision?


  • Full color: Users get a wide range of color selection to work with and there is no limitation in terms of color choices and matching and even mixing.
  • Faster delivery: Full color prints can be done in a single process without the use of color plates and thereby, it enable faster and timely deliver.
  • Saves a lot of time matching color: It makes it easy and possible to get the same single color as compared or desired in the final product of the original design. Previously used analog printing systems required time for color matching before the final production could be started.
  • Low cost: Since the production time and processes like use of plates are either reduced or omitted, the costs of production also comes down.
  • It’s Simple: The processes involved in printing are quite simple and you do not need specific or skilled manpower to handle the same like an automated foil printing machine.
  • Small volume of production: The best part is that you can have even a single production and never have to wait for bulk orders to begin. This is important in the case of die cutting machine.
  • High added value: Cases of immediate and emergency requirements can be answered easily. The quality of the prints allows glossy to fine textured and special effect prints. it can also print on a wide range of printing material.
  • They are environmentally friendly: Such type of printing reduces ink wastes because it ejects ink only to the parts to be printed. It also reduces the process to clean the plates after printing.
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Note the following dos and don’ts before selecting one:

With so many options available, the only way you can get hands on the best is through research. This is why it is highly advised to go through all possible reviews before buying:


  • Don’t Buy Just Because It’s On Sale

Don’t get attracted to gimmicks and steal deals. It does not means that sale means good buys.


  • Do Compare Cartridge Prices Before Buying a Printer

Cartridge prices are one of the most common mistakes people make. They realize it after they ave bought the printer. Apart from focusing on variables like the cost, features, and the reputation of the printer, judge the cost of ink and toner too. Check cartridge prices before making a purchase because you may end up buying a printer whose cartridge requirements are expensive.


  • Don’t just go For the Cheapest Printer, just because it is cheap

Never get tempted on the huge discounts on offering. Discounts have hidden catch like poor performance or inordinately expensive cartridges or poor market response.


  • Know What You Need from your Printer

Everyone have their own needs and requirements. You would never like to buy a printer when you know that you’ll never bother scanning or photocopying anything. Effectively and seriously consider what you will be using the printer for.


  • Don’t Buy all Features Loaded Printer

There are numerous printers that have many upmarket features like connectivity, automation, and maintenance and many. Ask yourself that whether all these features are useful for you. For e.g. AirPrint is something that is only useful for Apple device owners.


  • Do Check If Cartridges Are Available in the Local Market

Cost of printers, have become cheap but running costs i.e. cost of consumables, have become too expensive. We are talking of the use of compatible cartridges.

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Compatible cartridges are types made by independent manufacturers. They are considerably cheap but what about their availability.


  • Don’t Overlook to Check the Output of the Cartridges Used In Your Chosen Printer

Every company uses different cartridges and so are the efficiencies of these cartridges. Check before buying on the number of pages it can print and also its design.

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