Is Diwali Boring Festival – Changes in Current Trend

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The Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India. Around the world, people clean and decorate their home with light lamps and order crackers, online sparklers on this auspicious occasion. The growing ethnic and cultural diversity of Hindu religion throughout the world provides the opportunity to participate in the celebrations and rituals of Diwali festival that enhances the feeling of being part of a close-knit group of Indians.

The Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The most popular story of Hindu mythology is the returning of Lord Rama to Ayodhya with his wife Sita after he defeated the king of demon Ravana. There are few other beliefs regarding the festival is the defeat of Mahishasura and Naraka.

The expectation of Diwali celebration is so high among the peoples and the celebrations take place two weeks before the festival. They order new outfits, sweets for the Diwali and the festival sale will be at peak in all shops.

The trend has been changed and the Diwali is turning out as an outdated festival in many regions. Many people now look at Diwali as a more meaningful and individualistic celebration. As the population increases the festival celebrations mood gone down and even many of the corporate companies are not declaring the holiday for the Diwali.

During the childhood, we would look forward to this occasion and at the prospect of being pampered with new clothes, delicious goodies, and crackers. Now, however, it’s different, and we use the occasion to catch up with relatives, colleagues, and friends. Today’s children are smart and curious, and helping them understand the significance of festivals makes it more enjoyable for them.

We must follow our traditions and culture during the festival celebrations. Many of them are polluting the nature by bursting some high decibel local crackers and the impact has been more in the last few decades. Crackers and fireworks cause the cumulative effect of the sound, air pollution and to some extent water pollution. The peoples are suffering from health problems like asthma, anxiety and heart problems.

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Plan for a travel at the time of Diwali and explore yourself. Get the experience of how people are celebrating their own festival in a traditional manner. Being the multicultural nation that we live in, many legends are associated with its rich culture. Each culture celebrates the festival in a different and special way.

The people in Delhi celebrating the Diwali festival with the stage play of Ram Lila. Ram Lila performances held at the Ram Leela Maidan, Subhas Maidan and Red Fort are a must watch and enjoy by locals and visitors from different states. The Bengali celebrations are so different by lighting up the Howrah bridge and they bring the true meaning of festival of lights.

In Jammu and Kashmir, they celebrate the festival in a unique way by turning the dal lake with thousands of diyas floating in the water. The people of Varanasi celebrate Diwali by lighting up all the ghats in the town with diyas. The whole city resounds of chants of mantras to Goddess Lakshmi to add a spiritual touch to the celebrations.

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