Is Hot Weather Swearing For New Moms During Pregnancy? Ways to Keep Cool!

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Ouch, the weather is getting too hot, and it is worth sparing a thought for moms-to-be who are likely to struggle more than other climatic conditions. Yes, between swollen feet and hands and hot flushes it might feel impossible for pregnant women to get comfortable on these hot days. Here is the list of handy tricks to beat your heat and keep you and your bump comfortable under sunny skies and light winds.
Choose Natural Fabrics To Get Happy Sleep
Due to the hormonal changes, pregnant women often suffer from night sweats, which intensify their body preposition to heat and bring on hot flushes during the menopause stage. So, try to use a pillow made of feather or cotton or linen. Why because pregnant moms need one or two more hours of sleep than usual in the first trimester.
Avoid Ice-cold Bath
So, now feeling too hot, right! With that feeling don’t go mad and jump in an ice-cold bath when you want to cool down. Instead go for lukewarm showers, which expose your extreme cold and constrict your blood vessels and send signals to the body to retain the heat. For this same reason, avoid ice-cool drinks, scalding tea or compresses may lay off the ice cubes.
Undergo Warm-stretches in Water
It is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather, instead prefer your workouts in the water. So that we can get three magic energy at the same time-cooling, energy, and toning. For this, try an aqua-natal exercise class at your nearby swimming pool so that you’ll feel so virtuous. Before that, get the suggestion from the best fertility clinics in Chennai and alleviate your pain during pregnancy.
Keep your Wrist Cool
Of course, your hand feels the heat during the hot weather, so during the unbearable moments in the hot weather merely hold your wrists under warm water for a moment to cool your pulse point. Not only your pulse, but it also cools down your forehead and back of your neck so try using a flannel that has been placed in the freezer for a long time.
Eat Cold Food
Generally, healthy frozen choices of food will keep your energy levels up and keep your temperature down and at a constant level. Yes, when it comes to snacking in the heat, ice lollies are usually at the top of everyone’s list. It’s actually a good idea in addition to this you can also keep other items in the freezer such as frozen, fruit, fresh juices, yogurt, milk, and other daily food habits. In addition to this, eat cold foods like vegetable salad, cucumber, watermelon and more. It is advisable to avoid hot drinks or spicy foods during pregnant especially at the night time before going to bed.
Keep your Feet Cool
Yes, this actually works. Much scientific research essay that keeps your feet cool when you want the rest of your body to cool. So, during your leisure time while watching TV or reading books try to fill your foot spa with cold water and place your feet in it.

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