Is Iodine a Good Supplement For Pregnant Women? Expert Advice

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The most important mineral which is required for the overall assembly of thyroid hormones is Iodine. It is very necessary for the development of the brain of the child in the fetus and also is good for early childhood. Irreversible brain damage, neurological abnormality in children, thyroid dysfunction can result due to iodine deficiency.

Therefore, the doctors of the best fertility hospital in Chennai recommend iodine supplement food to pregnant women. There is scientific evidence that shows that iodine deficiency can be from mild to moderate and there can also be a signal suggesting a deficiency of iodine in pregnant women.  Many health studies and research have been conducted on the health of pregnant women and the studies have shown that there are around 80% of the women are the risk of iodine deficiency.

Recommendation of Iodine for Pregnant Women –

Thyroid Association Society recommends that all the pregnant, as well as lactating women, should take the supplement of daily multivitamin that contains iodine. There have also been guidelines that have been specifically established for pregnant women.

The dietary industry is urging these days the supplement of manufacturers to include iodine tablets in multivitamins which are especially for pregnant and lactating women. There are also many clinicians who pivotally recommend the lactating women as well as those who are pregnant to remove the iodine deficiency by recommendation of products of iodine which follows the industrial guidelines.

What the Doctor Suggests Regarding Iodine –

In many countries, it has now become a public health goal to make pregnant women take sufficient iodine intake in order to avoid its consequences. Therefore, a fertility specialist in Chennai, doctors advise pregnant and lactating females to take a supplement that contains a daily dose of 150 ugs of iodine.

Why iodine is required because, for the production of thyroid hormones i.e. triiodothyronine and thyroxine, iodine is required by the thyroid gland. The hormones of thyroid play a key role in the regulation of metabolic systems throughout life. During early childhood, fetuses, newborns, and young kids are also at risk of facing deficiency of thyroid hormone production. It is very necessary for brain development.

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Early Childhood Iodine Deficiency –

For example – there are some kids who do not have a developed brain and they are given in special schools. They suffer from certain neurological problems. This problem is actually the deficiency of iodine. Their thyroid glands were also not developed properly. This results in having a child whose brain is not developed. Therefore, during the early childhood, and for the fetus, the mothers should take iodine supplement which will help in the growth of the brain of the child,

Doctors Recommendation & Iodine Enriched Food to Eat During Pregnancy –

Therefore, doctors recommend and prescribe the dose of iodine which helps in the development of the fetus’s brain and other kinds of development. Even the lactating women are advised to take the iodine supplement as through milk the child can get the mineral. So, as per expert suggestions also, of the expert doctors include the following food for iodine –

  • Baked cod, Plain yogurt, Milk, Fish, Bread, Shrimp, Enriched macaroni, Egg, Canned tuna, Creamed corn
  • Cheddar cheese, dried prunes, Raisin, Lima beans, Apple juice etc.
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