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Don’t know what happened……we were not wearing the seatbelts too…
Heard a quaking sound……..
The fast moving car dashed the divider on the road LLL
I screamed like anything… God’s grace nothing happened to us. Rahul was stunned and I just hugged him to ensure we were safe. Instead the car got all the pain. We got down from the car and saw that the front side was totally damaged. Rahul worried and called to his friend not only to inform about the accident but also to cancel the marriage.
We boarded the auto and again returning back to my hostel. “What Anjana… You Happy now… What you want is happened now. Happy only right?” Rahul said.
“What are you saying Rahul. It is just a miracle how we are alive now. The accident is kind off bad instinct which stopped us from the non-sense. So what is there to be feel so happy” I replied.
Rahul slapped me before I finished my words… “Marrying me is non-sense. Super Anjana… Just don’t think about your non-sense with me here after” He said with his angry face and tears in eyes.
He asked the auto-man to stop the auto. He got down without lending ears to what I meant actually.
I cried like anything. I can’t imagine it was Rahul who slapped me and shouted at me without understanding my thoughts. It was never happened before. I reached the hostel. It was only my body moving towards my room and my soul was still with him in that place where he left me.
Why Rahul behaved like that?
Why He slapped me?
Why he left me alone in the auto?
And finally what he said….
… Just don’t think about your non-sense with me here after…. What he meant really…??????
Lot of “WHY” raised in my mind and my tears were only the answers.
No one was there in my room as all went to college. I called him to get the answer for my questions. He didn’t pick up my call. I was calling him continuously and he started rejecting my calls. At one point of time, he activated auto-reject option for my calls…
I can’t bear this and I didn’t expect this too. “He is not my Rahul. He is not the one who I loved. He never rejects my calls in any situation. Even if it is not the right time to speak with him also, he will pick up the call and inform about me. But now he activated auto-reject.” My inner conscience insisted me.
I wanted to give him a final chance. I called him up. Finally the mobile was switched off.
All the emotions clubbed together and I wanted to go out of the world. Yes… I wanted to commit suicide at that moment. But I didn’t.
“Thinking of Dad, Mom and Anitha I dropped it”
Who will take care of my Rahul if I leave the world? I hit myself for my stupid thoughts.
The day also went off. No calls from him… No texts from him… He made me to feel the pain of love. Every day I opened my eyes with the hope that Rahul will start my day with his good morning text. But I got only the disappointment. Life seemed to be nothing without him. His thoughts occupied me entirely.
“Why that day came to my life” I questioned myself. I wanted to remove that day in my calendar of life. I wanted to hug him and to cry on his shoulders. Missing him very badly.
He shared me all his thoughts,
He conveyed me all his words,
He made my life happy,
But he never taught me how to live without him. Each and everywhere I turned around I can see his face and hear his voice. Everyone says love hurts, but that’s not true. Only Loneliness and rejection hurts and I felt it for a month.
A month after….
I was getting ready for my college. My mobile rang with its default ringtone as nothing was special when Rahul left me.
It was a call from an unknown number. So I just ignored it and continued my work. My mobile blinked for the notifications. 2 messages received.
“It’s me Rahul Anjana.”
“Attend the call”
I can’t believe my eyes. Thank god… I got my Rahul back. Immediately I called to that number. I was longing to hear his voice. The call was picked up in the second ring.
“You stupid Rahul… Where you went these many days” I started crying loudly and I can’t stop it.
Rahul: Anjana…. stop that…. Please don’t cry. Am sorry dear… I am sorry please forgive me. I made you cry.
He wanted me not to cry but he is shedding tears on the other side.
Me: Where are you Rahul? I want to meet you immediately.
Rahul: the Park near your college. I just came to meet you dear. Come out.
I took my mobile and rushed to the park. I saw my Rahul there. He became so lean and dull.
He was waiting for me with a bunch of roses. He widened his hands at the moment he saw me. We hugged and drenched each other shoulders by tears. The tight hug revealed how he missed me these days. He gave me the roses and kissed me.
I holded his collars and questioned “why you left me Rahul? You gave me the feel of dying everyday”
“Anjana… I experienced the same Dear… both physically and mentally” Rahul replied with tears.
“What Rahul… what are you saying…” I was puzzled.
He unbuttoned his shirt and he showed me….
My god… My heart busted… It was long and big stitches in my Rahul’s chest.
“What all these Rahul… What happened to you in this one month gap?” I asked him.
“Minor heart Surgery Anjana” Rahul said.
I can’t trust my ears what it heard…
Rahul started explaining me…….
“Yes Anjana. That day when we were traveling in auto I felt some pain in my chest. I don’t want to trouble you that’s why behaved like that. The sudden dash of the car and divider made me to hit on the steering. I felt something very paining but I didn’t expose it to you. I could feel really heavy pain and it was unbearable. I boarded another auto to hospital and phoned up to my Dad. I was unconscious Anjana… Can you believe this…? I was like a dead body even without the conscious of you my dear…. I was admitted in hospital because of cardiac arrest later found the heart valve is too small by birth… Everything just happened in seconds dear. Now I am meeting you after 32 days”
I was speechless… It was dreadful… Tears were only the answers. “My Rahul touched the feet of death and it was unknown to me” The knife has come near to his heart. My god! Why Rahul It gives me more pain than that da… I should be the one who accompany you in all your joy and sorrows. I can’t imagine a life without you. Love you so much……
“It’s your love which saved me from death Anjana…. It’s all your Love…
LOVE YOU SWEETHEART…..” Rahul said….
“And you know one thing…. Anjana… Am not going abroad for higher studies……… Yes, Doctor’s advice. So decided to continue my father’s business here itself” Rahul added.
“If doctor didn’t tell you anything also, I am not ready to allow you. Yeah Rahul… Definitely I can’t stay away from you even a minute. Let me finish my college dear. Meanwhile you also can settle in your business and life. We will make our parents to meet each other. Let them talk about our life.” I replied.
How can I miss such a lovable and caring guy in my life…? I will be the loser if I do so. After couple of years Rahul’s parents were given green signal for our marriage.
But my Parents?????? I tried hard to convince them but they were not ready. Thinking of Anitha’s life, I can’t come out of my home to marry Rahul. I struggled for another six months to get the permission.
And now leading a happy life with my Rahul. Yes… We succeeded in our love. I started my story of love with the confusion that is it love or not? But now I can say

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