Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 1

Is it Love Episode 1
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Oh god, it is horrible. I was crying like a child holding my mom’s hand. She said “Don’t worry dear. This is the time you should be very strong in your life nothing is permanent in life. This too will pass away please don’t cry I am not able to see it.” But tears filled my eyes. I don’t know what to do. But no other go. I have to move on. I packed all my things in a bag and came out of my home. It was early morning, my father started his bike. I turned around to wave good bye to my mummy and sweet sister. Do you know where I am going? “BACK TO HOSTEL AFTER A LONG DIWALI HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” common guys this is the first time I am staying in hostel.

I reached hostel and opened my room’s door and I saw some of my friends were sleeping as they came a day before. I came inside, kept my luggage in my place and I was waiting for the weekend. I missed my family a lot. I was planning about the prank I have to play, the weekend to the warden to go home. Then we dressed up and went to college. Anjana, 1st year B.Tech. I saw when I opened my note’s first page. As always our staffs started their lullaby we were busy with our chit passes, chit chatting and mocking of the staff’s new hairstyle. I have to push five days like this to get the weekend. End of period the professor want us to do our assignments. I was busy thinking about what to say to warden this weekend? “Eye checkup?” no she won’t believe. “Full body checkup? Got scheduled time from doctor” no she won’t believe. When I was thinking deeply a voice loudly called “ANJANA!!!” I shook my head and turned and I saw my friends were laughing quietly and my professor was standing before me. ”Sir…!” a litre of oil in my face.


On seeing that my friends can’t control their laugh and laughed loudly. Because I am the one who always got scolding from staffs. All students in the class know well about me. Always doing some high jinx, some jokes, some comments, to the staffs I am the uncontrollable hectic and to the students “THE ENTERTAINMENT PIECE”. And to my friends I am sweet, always smiling, enjoying and lovable. There will be always a big gang with me. But I am a very sensible and sensitive girl for affection.

Friday evening I was waiting near the warden’s room and I discussed the plan with my close friend Janani. She knocked the room’s door and was blinking like anything; I saw her and buoyant her in my eyes. Once the door was opened I changed my face.” Mam she was not feeling well vomiting, dehydration she didn’t sleep yesternight” said Janani to mam. Mam saw me and came near me and asked “what? What happened? Why can’t you go to hospital now? Shall I ask the matron to take you to hospital?”. I thought oh God what a collapse ”no mam its ok” I said. “She always faces this problem mam so her mother got appointment from a doctor tomorrow in her place” Janani said. “So?” our mam asked puzzled. “Please grant me permission to go home this evening” I asked keeping my face very sad and tired.

Mam thought for a while and said “ok. But you have to come to hostel on Sunday morning after your check up and you have to show me the hospital receipt”. Receipt I will manage. But how I can come on Sunday morning?” I am going home for the Sunday special chicken”, I told myself and I patted my shoulder and said go ahead can face anyhow you got permission. “Ok mam” I said and filled the gate pass and came out waving bye to Janani.

To be Continued…

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Is it Love Episode 1
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