Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 10

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 10 1
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We were almost near to home… Dad parked the car and came near me..
“Listen Anjana…. Put a pull stop to everything and step into home. I hope you don’t take a chance again…..”Dad said…..
Pull stop…. How can I end without starting it? Either I or Rahul didn’t propose each other and my case was even very worst. I don’t know whether Rahul was in love with me or not. The only mistake what I did was I called him up to convey my wish. Yes I did that because I want him in my life. Only my heart felt the difference in that nine months gap. Though I was always fighting and yelling with him, he made me to fall in love with him…
I stepped into my home not owing to end anything… It’s actually a start of my love. YES IT IS LOVE AND LOVE ONLY.
Mom came out “just throw your mobile somewhere Anjana. How many times I was calling you know. Why you didn’t pick up?”
Me: Hubbaaaaaaaaah…. left it somewhere ma. (I am not in a mood to respond her proper)
Mom: Somewhere? How cool you are saying? You bought that just before 3 months and now u lost it… Don’t ask for a new mobile…. blah blah blah….
I entered into my room and lay down on my bed. My mind started recalling the moments with Rahul. Bus stop… First meet…. Phone number… Stupid fights… Nine months gap and now his birthday. I was not ready to be getting worried of Dad’s words. That was practical… No Dad will accept seeing his daughter to come with a stranger that too in bike. So nothing wrong on Dad’s end.
Thoughts were striking the corner of heart; mind was disturbed by Mom’s words,
“Anjana…. it’s almost 10 o clock. Refresh yourself and come for dinner”.
Oh… At last I convinced myself to make me happy and came out of the room for dinner. Mom served with my favorite chola poori and channa masala. Dad came to the Dining room and gave me a sarcastic look… May be he might have wondered how I was having my dinner without any strain or thoughts. I didn’t ignore his words but sure I was not wrong in my decision.
I finished up my dinner and went to my room. I felt very lonely without my sissy Anitha and she will be coming tomorrow. So I will get a hand to patter my shoulder. I was arranging my bed to have a sound sleep, Dad entered my room.
My heart beats faster thinking of what would be the next bomb going to be blast by dad. He came and sat on the chair and shoot out his question towards me. This time he asked for Rahul’s number to me. I was tongue-tied and confused for what he was asking his number. I can’t ask for the reason to my dad.
“It was there in my phone and I couldn’t remember it Daddy” I replied. Dad gave me a suspicious look.
Dad: Don’t try to fool me Anjana.
Me: Seriously dad it is not in my memory. I am not sure with the all ten numbers.
“Started lying to my dad without any hesitation and fear… May be the first stage of love” I thought myself.
Dad didn’t speak out anything and went to his room in upstairs. I was actually rolling here and there on my bed as I didn’t get sleep. It was about 1:30 in the night and I could hear a bike blowing the horn continuously and I could feel that it was roaming out for past 15 minutes in my street. I tried to open my window but it was really hard to pull it out. So again I came to my bed. But the horn sound was very familiar.
“Why not it would be Rahul’s bike” My mind popped out with this question. I went to the living room and opened the window.
“My god!!! It was my stupid Rahul and his bike. He was standing very near to my home… What I have to do now?” I perplexed. But I wanted to speak to him… I feel like crying loudly by hugging him. I don’t have guts to open the door and to welcome him at this time. I just whispered his name…
Me: Rahul……
He didn’t notice it as his eyes were on my room and he was expecting me to open that window…
Me: Rahul…. Rahul…. I am here.
Rahul: Hey sweets….wait… I am coming there.
He parked the bike steady and came near the window.
I was overwhelmed with joy and I just forgot that am in home. I felt like pulling out the steel rods in the window which was restricting me to have a warm hug with him.
Rahul: Open the door monkey…
Me: Are you joking… you don’t know what happened in home da.
Rahul: I know everything you just open the door dear… 5 mins…. It will be even worse when someone see me like hanging on your house window.
Me: No Rahul… Dad saw me coming with you in bike and he took our relationship differently.
Rahul: What differently… What he thought is correct only. You open the door I want to give you one thing.
Me: What…. (With a strange look).
Rahul: You open the door or not..? I am going then.
Rahul’s hand came inside the gap between the steel rods in the window and touched my cheeks pleaded me to open the window.
The magical touch made me to open the door…. He took his shoes in hand and stepped into my home…
Myself I can’t believe it was Rahul and Me in my room……………………………….

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To be Contined…

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