Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 11

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 11 1
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Heart beating faster, butterflies scratching my stomach, feel like flying, body is shivering and the whole world seems to be frozen….. These words are not enough to describe the feel when he was with me in my room. He was not at all bothering about anything and I was much nervous. When he entered my room immediately he switched off the light.
Me: Hey…. Idiot. What are you doing? Why switched off the light now? (It was an embarrassing moment)
Rahul: Monkey…. monkey…. If it is on then your father will come down to see what you are doing this time….. No problem huh???
” Shall I switch it on now? “He asked by keeping his finger on switch. “Hey!!! No…No…No… Lower your tone da…. totally scared” I replied…
There the lights off…..
Me: Give me…..
Rahul: What to give?
Me: My mobile da stupid… give it and go….
Rahul: Who said I came to give your mobile … Nah…. Nah…
“Dai Rahul… Please da… this is not the time to play…. give it and leave soon… pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Rahul came near me and I was moving backward in the room.
“Hey u stop there Idiot…. What you are going to do now? “I said with a faster breath.
“I am not going to Kill you or eat you. Going to give you a most beautiful gift now!!!! He said.
“Ok… Whatever give it by standing there itself… Don’t come near” My fear towards dad subdued the curiosity about the gift.
He was standing front of me and took out something from his Jerkin. It was a red little heart stapled with rose. The most awaited moment came and I was waiting for this for the past nine months…
“U MADE ME CRAZY ANJANA… I JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU…. YES DEAR I LOVE YOU” Rahul’s words for me and I was stunned there.
I stepped forward and holded his collar “You crazy Idiot… you took these many months to convey this stupid… I fell in love with you the moment I saw you in bus standing on the foot board. Love so much” The proposal started up with a warm hug and it continued for some minutes…
Love is so pleasant and sweet… “I don’t want to lose you Anjana. I always want to care you and close to you.” Rahul added by soothing my head.
My tears drenched his shoulders……
Hey Anjana… I never let you cry… Rahul wiped out my tears.
Me: No Rahul…. I am afraid. Will everything end fine? I don’t want my love to go vain.
Rahul: I never let it go Anjana… I swear you. Just trust me JJ
“I believe you Rahul. Leave now… Everything should be disclosed at the correct point of time. Now u go”
I went upstairs to check whether my mom and dad were sleeping fine. I opened the door slowly without making any sound and peeped in to their room.
My god!!! Me gonna die today!!!!!
Yes, my dad was not there in bed… I don’t know what to do. Even the restroom was also open.

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To be Continued…

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