Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 12

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 12 1
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My heart was pumping out like anything. I rushed down to my room and closed the door….
Heard the sound of Doorbell…… LLL
My mind started echoing the Prayer slogams. I prayed god that nothing should happen wrong. I knew it was a big mistake to allow a guy in the room that too this time. But I don’t need the punishment now. I don’t get a place to make him hidden in my room. I asked him to go into the bathroom. But he was very playful not lending his ears to my words. Finally I struggled hard to push him inside the bathroom.
The doorbell rang thrice and heard someone was coming to open the door. May be my mom or the servant maid. The door was opened and heard the footsteps of Dad. Thank God! My dad didn’t notice Rahul’s bike. He went to his room in upstairs to sleep. I didn’t expect this shock from my Dad and I can’t come out of it. Hubbah… The next tension was started I have to push him out after some time. I peeped out through the keyhole and saw my dad entering his room. I was sitting on my bed I felt something was scratching my foot and it was a giggling feel. I bent down my cot and traumatized to see this stupid Rahul was under the cot.
Me: Hey Idiot… It’s all because of you. Who asked you to hide under the cot? I pushed you inside the bathroom only right. How you came out?
Rahul: Who will lock the door outside madam…?
Me: Haiyo… I don’t know what I did…Tension and fear. Never experienced it before. I have started doing all 420 stuffs now Rahul… All because of you and everything for you.
Rahul: I will show you what love is Anjana… Love you sweetheart. I will move now. It is better to go now.
Hmm… Ok Rahul. I came out of my room and opened the main door slowly. But he was still here in my room.
“Hey come out da… I opened the door… soon soon” I said entering my room.
Rahul face became very dull as he doesn’t want to leave from me. He came near me and kissed on my forehead.
“Bye Honey!!!” he rushed out to the exit and I came back to my room.
At last I spent the night without any problems. I can’t sleep after that. I got the message from him that he reached his home.
The next morning Anitha came to home and I shared her only about the proposal. She said “Your choice is always right”. I was happy about that.
As the days rolled up, the love between me and Rahul was also going very well. My day always starts with his good morning messages. We celebrated our 50th day, 100th day like that. Full of love and fun. I can’t see him often as I started to go with Dad to college on weekends. Actually Dad started to drop me and receive me from college. Rarely go out with him on Saturday outings. Meetings became rare but chatting was more. Always texting him even in class hours too. Rahul was very caring and he never disappoints me. If the mistake was on my end also, he tries to make me understand but never scold me for that. Many times I felt like missing him, Skype helped me a lot that time. I was pursuing my love without making my parents to suspect me. Studies in one track…. Love in other JJJ
One fine day, Rahul called me up in the morning….
Rahul: Good morning my Princess…
Me: Morning Dear..
Rahul: Still sleeping… get up… We are going out today.
Me: Hey Monkey… Today is not Saturday… Wednesday only…
Rahul: I know that… You first get up… Make things ready and come in that Deep blue Salwar. I will be waiting out near your Hostel entrance.
Me: I can’t bunk today da. I got lab sessions….
Rahul: Anjana….Please… Put sick leave and come now.
Me: Atleast tell me the plan Rahul…
Rahul: Going to Registrar office…
Me: For what?????????
Rahul: Marriage….
The call disconnected………………………….

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To be Continued…

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