Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 13

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 13 1
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Rahul: Going to Registrar office…
Me: For what?????????
Rahul: Marriage….
The call disconnected……….
I called him again… He didn’t pick up the call.
“Shit!! For what Rahul is doing like this. Is he playing? Or something really serious?? Why the blue Salwar…..? Questions and questions popped out from my mind. I hastened myself to get ready but I don’t want to go blind with my decision. Again I called him and picked it up…
Rahul: are you ready?
Me: What Rahul… Whose marriage… your friend huh?
Rahul: yes… you come.
Me: Ho…. Thank god… I thought you gonna do something stupid… I am on d way to hostel gate. You wait there.
Rahul: Yep… coming.
The call disconnected….
Rahul was waiting there… Looked handsome and gentle with his Honey colored Aviator Fast-track coolers……Something really new in his face… Cheerful and happy…He was glad to see me in the blue designer Salwar and his eyes expressed it. But I doubted why Rahul came in Car instead of bike.
I came near. He opened the door and gestured me to get in. I gave him a puzzled look. “Get in Dear… Everyone is waiting for us” he said.
We started moving from that place. “Now tell me Da… Whose marriage… You didn’t tell me anything before?? What happened?” I asked him the same questions.
“What Anjana… You forgot everything huh?” he replied.
Rahul just don’t confuse me… Come straight to the matter.
“Yes… Anjana…We gonna marry today Dear.”
What………………? I was stunned by Rahul’s words.
Me: Are you mad Rahul? How it is possible now? I can’t do this. Seriously!!!
Rahul: Listen me Babe. You forgot I am almost in my end of Final year. I got my student Visa. I will be flying to Germany next month…………… I will be back to India after my MBA there.
Me: So what??? If you want to do your studies then go ahead, what is the need for marriage now? I can’t just imagine it.
Rahul: No Anjana… How can I leave you here in India without any hold? What if your parents forced you to marry someone?
The very next moment I slapped him……………….Really tensed. I started crying. He stopped the car immediately.
“Good Anjana… I am ready to accept anything… Slap me, kill me do whatever you want. Just understood the seriousness of my decision” He added with his reddened eyes.
“Please Rahul…Think about this in my Situation. Please don’t make me to do this. I will die for sure better to marry someone….” I pleaded him with tears. He was helpless… But he was adamant in his decision.
Rahul: So finally you won’t accept my decision right? Everything was going according to your wish only Anjana. This is for our goodness only. It is just the exchange of rings and the registration of our marriage.
Me: No Rahul… Definitely I won’t do this without my parent’s Knowledge and this is not the time to disclose the matter to them.
Rahul: No… I won’t let u go Anjana. This should happen today…
Me: What Rahul… You lost your trust on me or what???
Rahul: Don’t speak like stupid Anjana… Listen it will take nearly 2 years for me to come back here. You would be finished your studies then… The next step is marriage. Your Parents will start looking for an alliance. So this is the better option to lock their plans. Trust me and accept it…
Rahul raised the accelerator and he was not ready to accept my words. I forced him to stop the car. But he denied.
We both started fighting instead of discussing the matter His mobile rang in between… He picked up the call and said “Ya da… We will there in 15 minutes”
Don’t know what happened……we were not wearing the seatbelts too…
Heard a quaking sound……..
The fast moving car dashed the divider on the road LLL

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To be Continued…

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