Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 2

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 2
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 1.

In the bus stand I got a big 5star chocolate and kept it in my bag. I like to travel in bus sitting in window seat eating 5 star and gazing outside for good looking boys of our city. So my first task to get 5 star is over. Now I have to search a good bus with a perfect window seat. But as I was moving forward I saw a nice bus coming out of the bus stand with a few vacant seats. I thought for a while and got into the bus. But I didn’t find any window seat. But chose a seat parallel to the entrance door. No good looking boys, no window seat I scolded myself and looked outside. A few more stops went but I found no one good but in the bus good songs were played so consoled myself to hear that. There also no one got in. The bus started. I saw a face running in hurry to catch the bus. The hand caught the bus and jumped into it and just smiled in victory. A handsome boy with black cargos and white shirt. His smile said how he won and he just corrected his hairstyle with his hand. I noticed myself that unknowingly I am looking at him with my mouth wide open. I awared and closed my mouth and turned to another side. After two minutes I looked him smiling and talking with the conductor. He was very stylish, handsome and like a guy all girls will look.

There was a mirror in the bus where I can see him; it is placed on the right top to my side. I saw him in the mirror and enjoying my ride. After 5 minutes I saw him again in the mirror and I found him staring at someone, I just turned to see where he is looking. And I was excited that he is seeing me and found the mirror angle is indicating me. I don’t know what to do my heart beats fast. I saw him directly and this time I got caught and he throws a mischievous smile stating that I was caught. I bite my tongue and turned with a little smile. This continues and we felt a different feeling inside us. In the bus they played the most lovable love songs which suit the situation. I ate the  5 star and I know he is eyeing at me. I ate the chocolate and kept the cover in my bag with a memory of a nice journey. The eye contact continues and we both were excited but without knowing the reason. I was early going home to see my parents but I want this journey should never end. It’s time for me to get down. I took my bag and came near the door where he was standing. He said “hi” smiling. I said “hi” and looked out. He asked me “gonna get down?”. I said “yes”. With a sad face he said “okay” and the stop came.

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I came to home saw my parents and was happy. But I felt something deep inside my heart. I ate and came to my room. I and my sister are very close friends and we both shares everything. She asked me “why are you looking dull?”. I said “nothing like that”.

She: no something is missing in your face. Tell me

I said her everything.

She: Hey it’s just a bus travel leave it

Me: yup but it was something special but I don’t know what

She asked me “Is it Love at first sight?”. I said “hey common Anitha I just saw him. He looks good that’s it. Is it Love? Moreover I don’t even know his name. In this big city I don’t know where he is then why are you asking this silly question?”. She asked me “If you see him again?” “Hey no chance” I replied. “If by chance. again?” she extended. “Let’s see.” I said. “There you go” she said. “I won’t go anywhere now sleep” I said and we both laughed and slept off.

I don’t know why I can’t forget him. I came to hostel again on Monday morning. I told everything to my friends. They heard everything silently and started teasing. But I too can’t forget that incident. My friends said that I will see him again definitely. After that some days passed by as usual. Sometime I may think about that. Our semester started. We all learnt and finished our exams well. Now I am going home for semester holidays. I packed everything and came to bus stand.

There I saw a bus standing with a name board of my place. I went near. The conductor said it will take 10 minutes to start the bus. So I was standing near the footboard outside the bus. There was a guy standing in the footboard. Unknowingly I looked him and turned. Suddenly a flash in the mind and I turned suddenly to see him. He too did the same. My heart was about to beat faster YES the same guy again.

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To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 3.

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Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 2
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