Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 3

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 3 1
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 2.

Suddenly a flash in the mind and I turned suddenly to see him. He too did the same. My heart was about to beat faster… YES the same guy again.

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 3 2
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Again I saw him. He too saw me and showed his excitement in his eyes. He came near me. I saw him exactly after 50 days from the day I first met him. “Hey… how are you? Do you remember me?” he asked.” Hmmm Ya …” I said. “That day you were damn striking with your 5 star chocolate” he said. I threw him a suspicious look… “Hey… I just said. Nothing more than that. Then… going home again?”. “Yeah” I said. ”In this bus?” “Ya…thinking…”don’t think… get in.” he threw a playful smile. I got inside the bus. There were some boys already occupied some back row seats. I kept my luggage and sat in a front row seat.

He went to that boys and was discussing something. After sometime one of the boy screamed like “oh… what Rahul… finally… is she the girl you told about…??? Looking great da…” I came to know that his name is Rahul.

Another boy shouted like “Her name is Anjana da… I know her very well. My friends tried to propose her but no use. So be careful da. Stop imagining about her”.

How the hell these guys knew about me??? I thought for a while and just turned to see them. I saw him coming near my seat. He sat in a seat nearer to me and asked “Are you Anjana?” I said “yes”. “Fine… then how are you… how is life?” he started.

“Yeah… good” I said. Then he gave me a card and said” keep it and call me. My number is on the back side of the card.” There my ego came.

”Hello… Did I ask for your card??? Did I ask your number??? Here take this card… I don’t need this…” I said and gave the card back to him. I heard the boys laughing loudly at him. He got the card angrily and left. Then I sat in my seat with a sign of victory in my heart. After five minutes he came near me again.

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“If you don’t like to get the card just return the card politely stating that u don’t need that.

Who are you to scold me?” he asked.

“I … I just…”

“Now get this card without saying anything…” he said, gave the card to me. Actually did I do anything wrong? No… but he made me feel like that… I don’t know why I got that card… He said “and also I am a young boy… please don’t disturb me by calling me frequently… ”. I got disturbed and said “hello… get back your card”… “Hey… cool I just said….” And winked. I wonder how the boys made girls to forget everything by a simple wink… and also he was looking cute by this little action. I started admire him slowly.

It was a card of a dress shop and at its back there was a number… after that the bus started and slowly approaching my destination… he was hanging in the foot board and was seeing me persistently. We both loved that contact with eyes. I was about to reach my destination and he came near me and said “call me when you wish to be as my friend…” I smiled for a while looking at him and suddenly the conductor shouted my place’s name and I got down unwillingly and left… he was hanging in the footboard and was seeing me till my visions ends for him.

LOVE…WILL IT START LIKE THIS???? A small question popped… “It’s just an attraction dear… you will forget him soon” my inner feelings restricting me. He is not my friend, relative, classmate, college mate, and neighbour what’s the relation between us… why can’t I forget him? Why I have to see a stranger whom I liked at a first sight for the second time in my life??? A lot of questions… but I consoled myself by saying “time will give you the answer… don’t confuse anything for now”. A few months passed. But I didn’t forget him. Sometimes… I will take my mobile and typed his number and again left by not calling… sometimes I will type a message and left without sending… friends right?? My brain asked my heart… my heart didn’t say anything…finally that day I tried his number………………………

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I just gave a missed call and cut the call. I can hear my heart’s sound out clearly at that moment… after two minutes… a call came.

Rahul: hello…

Me: ha…hello…

Rahul: Ya… who is this??

Me: “sorry… wrongly called”

Rahul: oh… that’s ok… I know a girl named Anjana… I thought she called me… anyhow sorry… bye

Me: ohh… Ya Ya… hey … sorry… no… actually… sorry” I cut the call.

Huh….. Anjana… Anjana… please stop… my inner feelings scolded me. It also said “you silly girl… by this time he could understand it’s you”. Again a call came from that number after few minutes. My heart beats faster and I picked the call.

Me: ha… hello….

Rahul: are you sure did u dialed wrongly?

Me: oh… yes how many times I have to say I am not Anjana

Rahul: Actually I didn’t ask u that are you anjana right?

I just bite my tongue and said “Ya nothing… just cut the phone I am sorry”

Rahul: why you girls are always like these… always disturbing boys… go and do any other useful work…

I tensed and cut the call. “By this time he can clearly knew that I am Anjana… but why he behaved like this… what a character is this?? “ I asked myself.

For the next two days the same thought flooded in my mind. I told Janani about everything. She asked “He didn’t call you after that???” I said “no…”. “It’s ok leave it some boys will be like this… will be showing up… you don’t take it seriously… he is just a passing cloud”.

Yeah what she said is correct he is a passing cloud but why my heart is not forgetting him??? I didn’t try to call after that. My college days were nice and I enjoyed a lot with my friends. I went to home on every weekend in 1st year. Now we finished our first year and went home for semester holidays happily.

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SECOND YEAR… Actually we are seniors now…. Different class… different lecturers… but the same loving friends… if you are in a nice gang do you think you need a boyfriend or girlfriend? But you will get a boyfriend or girlfriend overtaking your friends in caring you. But now I am happy with my friends… I am going home twice in a month this year because I started roaming out with my friends during weekends.

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I went home on one weekend. I went to shopping one evening nearer to my place. I have to travel half an hour by bus to reach the shopping mall. Always my sister will be an adjunct to me, but that day she didn’t come with me because she is preparing for her exams which is on the next day. I got bus. After 10 minutes it started pouring heavily. Power cut everywhere in the city. I saw a boy little familiar to me in the dark. When he about to turn, the bus stopped by a sudden break. The bus met with a breakdown. The place where the bus stopped was not a securable area. But all got down and started to walk as they will reach the city by a 3 km walk. I too got down with a little fear because the road was wet by a huge shower and  power cut in the whole city and the persons who are walking with me are mostly males. Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder and froze for a second and turned around. Unknowingly my eyes were opened wide to see him….yes that’s RAHUL again………………

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 4.

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