Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 4

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 4 1
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 3.

Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder and froze for a second and turned around. Unknowingly my eyes were opened wide to see him….yes that’s RAHUL again………………

He came near me and said Hi!!!!! I just turned my face to the other side and started walking. He over taken me and came before and again said “hi!!!! You forget me??”
Oh me??? What a great scene?? I thought in my mind for a while and said “I think I had seen you some where…” why am I not able to behave like him? Questioned myself.
His eyebrows rose for some inches and he said “I am Rahul… we met two times in bus…. Got it now??” “Ohh Ya Ya….” I said. Seriously you don’t remember me?? He asked. I said “no”.” then why you turned twice to conform who am I while coming in this bus??? “He asked.
I wondered how he found out… “That’s….that because I thought someone familiar was standing in foot board.” I said. “So my face is still familiar to you right?? Then why you are saying like this? Ok leave how you are? “Yeah… I am fine… how about you???”
“Fine “he said.
Suddenly he searched something. “What are you searching for?” I asked. “I don’t know where my mobile is… its missing… I thought I left it in bus…. Wait here I will search there and come back… or can you give a ring so that I can search it easily “he said. I gave a ring.
The mobile was ringing in his pocket. He took it and said “oh …. This is your number… ok ok fine” he said and winked. “Oh shit….” I was laughing outside and blushing inside. I don’t know why my heart is beating in such a faster rate when he is near me.
We started walking… now the wet road and dark environment seems to be romantic. The chill breeze is kissing my palm. I asked his college, his birth date, his area where he is living and some basic information. I too said something about me and I clearly saw something special in his eyes. We were about to cross a busy road that time I knowingly grasped his hand and we ran fast to cross a part of the road and climbed the divider. The other side of the road is of full traffic. So we wait on the divider for nearly 5 minutes. Dark environment, the only source is moon light. Just imagine the situation there was a bright moon at the top with chill climate and a person who is very close to your heart is holding your hands and you both are standing in the center of a busy city. Furious Lorries, sounding buses, overcrowded area and we both were standing in the center without any disturbance and watching everything as if everything are very pretty. We crossed the road finally and the destination came…
“I have to leave…ok see you later… bye” I said. He was standing silently. I didn’t wait for his approval and I started moving. He ran to me and said “Another 3 kms please…”I don’t know what to say. My heart is also longing for that. But my mind is not allowing me. Who is he? What is the relation between us? Why I have to walk with him? But my heart accepted his proposal and we started walking again. ”your eyes are very beautiful” he said. ”thank you” I said and lowered my head. We talked some silly basic things about ourselves. It was about to 8 pm and I said I have to leave. He said ok.”Don’t forget me anymore.” He said. I said yes with my eyes. I got bus and he was standing outside looking at me. He signaled bye and said “call me”. The bus was slowly moving out and he is vanishing from my sight slowly. I took my mobile and surprised to see three messages from him.
It said hi… reach safely… and MISS YOU…. The last message affected me a bit. I gave replies like Ya… me too… I reached home. The next day I have to go to hostel, but I was spending my time in chatting with him without doing any packing. I started to pack after hearing my mom’s scolding. I came to bed early that day and started texting him.
Rahul: your dress was awesome today…
ME: thank u… you too handsome today
Rahul: as always 😉
Me: Then?
Rahul: how do you feel when u where with me?
Me: Ya… it’s good … and how do you feel to be with me???
Rahul: yeah…same here… that was great”
Me: then?????
Rahul: what do you feel about our relationship?????
Me: hmmm I think you are a nice guy… we met only 3 times of course that too for a short period… from that how can I come to a decision about relationship??”
Rahul: ok ok ok… if u ask the same question to me just guess what I will say…. ;-)”
Me: I don’t know…………
Rahul: Friends…….!!!!! Why are u struggling a lot 😉 is there some confusion inside your mind???”
Me: nothing like that… I just said… :-(”
Rahul: ok ok …coooooooooll…then….shall I tell u something??? You should not mistake me ok??”
Me: No…. just say it….”
Idiot… just tell me I like you a lot……. Or crush on u…….. Am waiting for that…… I said to him but inside my heart.
Rahul: when we were walking in the road… I saw u suddenly in one point of time…. Your lips were shining because of the sodium light….. On that moment I felt like KISSING you….”

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To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 5.

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Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 4 2

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