Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 7

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 7 1
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Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 7 2

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Rahul applied Brake and the bike stopped near me… I was biting my teeth and blood pressure was increasing…
“Hey Swathy… Get down… “Rahul’s Words to the girl who came with him….
That stupid girl got down from his bike…. She looked damn pretty and it was burning inside for me… The same color dress of both was adding my anger on him and it was increasing to the core. I don’t want to see him again but now he was standing in front of me with his girlfriend… Oh God!!!!!What a bad situation in my life……
I felt like slapping her only because of the reason she was his girlfriend. I just knew her name but I hated her the moment when I saw her. I never behaved like this ever before.
That idiot parked his bike and came near me waiving a “HI”.
“Who asked your Hi?” I asked myself and reluctantly waived my hands back.
Rahul: Hi…This is my friend Swathy.
(Friend??????????????????? Only friend???????? I was happy inside)
Me: Am Anjana…Nice to meet you.
I totally forgot that it was his birthday and I have to wish him in all my anger. “Why asked me to wait here?’ I questioned him………..
Swathy: What Rahul…I Think your friend forgot that today is your day of first cry…
I nodded my head and put my hands forward for a handshake to Rahul…
“Happie Birthday Rahul”… The first touch was really special…. It persists for some seconds… I felt a difference and the moment was very special.
Rahul: you should come to wish me but here everything is reversed…..anyway Happy I am.
Me: I never expect I will meet you and speak with you again…
(Swathy gave me a puzzled look………….)
Swathy: How long we can stand here and talk… Let’s go somewhere. What you say Anju…
Me: Anju……… Just call me Anjana…. I don’t like people calling me Anju…
(I started bursting towards her)
Swathy: oh am sorry…
Rahul: Offence in first meeting itself huh? Leave both… Let’s go to that Restaurant.
Rahul didn’t ask me for any opinion and even I wanted to spend my time with him so decided to go with him…
Swathy went to washroom to refresh herself. I thanked her inside for giving me a couple of minutes to spend with him.
Me: I don’t like her Rahul.
Rahul: You don’t like who??
Me: That Swathy. She doesn’t give me a good feeling…. Don’t come with her hereafter to meet me.
Rahul: She is my friend and she is supposed to give me a good feeling. Right??
Me: Arrrrggggg…… You are defending her….
I was staring at him……..
Rahul: Face the fact Anjana… She is my friend… I just want to spend my time with you both. So just took her with me here. Moreover she knows everything about us?
Me: I know she is your friend…Who am I then??? What she know everything about us and listen nothing between us… It’s nothing Rahul.
I just started Yelling at him……
Rahul: What nothing Anjana??? Just look into my eyes and say… is it nothing?
Me: What you are coming to say now? I don’t want to see anywhere…I murmured.
Rahul: Leave this topic dear. She will feel very bad if she came to know we are fighting because of her.
Me: My god…….. You are defending her again… I just can’t bear this… I am just leaving Rahul… We will see some other day.
“Stop that….. Don’t make me to lose my patience.” Rahul said in a rude voice.
Me: You are yelling at me because of her right…..??
Swathy came opposite to me when I was rushing to the exit…
Swathy: Hey… Where going… Anjana…. Anjana…….
I just ignored her and I came out of the Restaurant…
I never behaved like this to anyone in my life…. I know it was worst. I spoiled my character myself. Felt very bad…
“Is this the way to behave with a guy that too on his birthday? A good friend should make her friend’s birthday very special but I regret I was not. I scolded myself very badly. Rahul will never come next to me hereafter. I was sure about that. But nothing was wrong on his end. It’s all because of me”
Yeah my stupid possessiveness towards Rahul peeped out the moment when I saw him with a girl….
Is it Love?????????????????????

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To be Continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 8.

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