Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 9

Is It Love - The Magical Feeling in one’s Life - Episode 9 1
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When I started my step to home it was my dad’s car coming out from the street…………………
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t find a place to hide me anywhere there. But only the street lamp post was near me… Rahul’s stupid bike was also not getting started that time… He was kicking the starter with damn force but no…. Dad was seeing everything and I was helpless. My dad was not that much open and frank to accept me coming with a guy in bike. He gave me all liberty to go out with my friends, to spend my time with them. But I was sure he can’t take the matter very easily.
Dad stopped the car…. I thought “He was going to give me a nice slap and take me to home. All my happiness comes for an end”. But he didn’t do like that. He opened the car door and gestured me to get in. I don’t know what to do. My hands were shivering and I can’t face my dad. He started the car to somewhere but not to home. I didn’t open my mouth for a while as I don’t know what to tell to him. I decided to tell him he was just my friend and nothing else. I was preparing myself for the replies I should give to my dad. I don’t know where he was taking me… He was driving without speaking anything.
“Who is he?” dad started his enquiry….
Me: Dad………
Dad: What actually happened dear? I didn’t expect this from you. You know what will happen if your mom came to know this????
I started crying……i didn’t reply anything. “I met him 3 times before but nothing happened and this time…? Guilty feeling started killing me inside. I should not have accepted when Rahul asked me to come with him. I have done a big mistake” I thought…
Crying never gives me answer…At least tell me his name Anjana…
Me: Rahul… Daddy… (Crying……..)
Dad: Am sure he is not from your friend’s circle… He is not from your college right???
(I caught red-handed… Dad’s guessing is obviously correct. What can I reply him now? How can I tell him that I met Rahul in bus??? Haiyo awkward moment… I can’t find my answers. I wanted to open the door and to jump out from the car. Because that was better than answering my dad’s chaotic questions)
Me: He is my friend only daddy… My senior in college. Believe me dad he is just my friend. (My throat became really dry as I was crying and I couldn’t speak anymore but dad was not ready to accept anything and wipe out my tears)
Dad: He could have dropped you in home if he is your friend really…. Near the street end? I can’t digest the scene till now Anjana. Still you are a baby to me. You are not that much grown up to decide your life.
Me: Dad… Stop this please. Nothing between me and Rahul. I swear. Today is his Birthday. I met him in bus stand and wished him. He just wanted to drop me near home Dad. Nothing more than that. You wanted me to prove anything?
(My god… What a bad situation is this. Why I have called him? Why I met him today? What made me to go with him? I questioned myself)
Mobile was ringing in dad’s pocket… It was a call from my mom… Dad put the call in loudspeaker and continued driving…
Mom: Where are you? Anjana didn’t turn back to home. She is also not attending the call.
(Not attending the call???? That point of time I searched for my mobile in my bag but it was not there. Oops….How it would be here…. realized it was in Rahul’s pocket)
Dad: Bus breakdown… She is with me now. We will come there in half an hour.
I thanked Dad inside for not relieving anything to my mom. Dad turned the way to home.
“Where is your mobile Anjana?” Dad’s enquiry session begins….
“I don’t know where I left pa”I replied him blinking. Just now am realizing I missed it somewhere.
We were almost near to home… Dad parked the car and came near me..
“Listen Anjana…. Put a pull stop to everything and step into home. I hope you don’t take a chance again…..”Dad said…..

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