Is Sky Diving Is Your Hobby? Best Places To Visit With Precaution Checklist

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One of the most exciting sports of all times is sky diving and is almost in the bucket list of every adventure loving person. Free falling from the high range and with great speed is the most exciting one. But one must also take care of all the safety measures before opting for this sport. It is now a day’s sky diving is the most common activity but is game of risking one’s life to a great extent and must take care of the quality of equipment’s used as it is most important to get assured of it. Nevertheless, it is always being fun to do what your hobby is and try out the most adventurous sport.

If Sky Diving is your hobby, then this article will help you to know the best places to visit for sky diving:


Hawaii, USA – Hawaii is known paradise for it people who are adventure seekers as it is rich in mountains, rainforests, islands and holds a beauty that is worth to be beholden. And when it comes to sky divining one can never miss this opportunity to experience it in Hawaii.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand – New Zealand is the land where there are amazing and adventurous sports and the very destination Fox Glacier helms to be the king of sky diving. It is a place where one can find unmatched scenic beauty and makes your adventure trek more reviving.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – Palm Jumeirah is a manmade architectural design which will awestruck you when you get an Ariel view of it. The best experience is to have the enchanting view of the skyscrapers, sea, and deserts which makes you feel like heaven from that height.

Mount Everest, Nepal – This one hell kind of trepidation when you jump from a height of 23000 ft. above the ground level where among the craggy mountains you would land on either of the two places that is Ama Dablam Base Camp or the Syangboche Airport.

Spain – One of the best view of the beautiful landscape as the beauty of Europe is world renowned and getting it live to witness is a lifetime desire.  And being an adventure junkie one can never ever miss out this opportunity.

Denarau Island, Fiji – If you have got really bored with land and want to experience the blue striking water and need to spend some time in the air than definitely go for Denarau Island sky diving. Where you can admire the delightful view of the coral reef.

Santa Barbara, California – Have a glimpse of California’s coastline from the height is mesmerizing in its own way and that too having an experience a free fall in the Pacific Ocean is a dream come true. Thus, jumping from the height of 18000 ft. Which is the height one in North America is the best thing one can experience in life.

Below mentioned is the Precaution List that should be followed for skydiving in order to help you to prepare yourself for a fun full diving:

  1. Warm up – Warm-up is an important exercise that is required before you take the jump, and usually helps one to keep the body in the top physical condition.
  2. Check out the Outfit: Be assured that the jumpsuit fits you well and there are no holes so that air can enter into it. Always take a trial of the outfit before final jump.
  3. An Automatic Activation Device: This is a small device that helps to track the height above the ground and the speed at which you are descending down. The Automatic Activation Device is a lifesaver and adjusting it with a ground.
  4. Make sure that your parachute is well connected to the harness: If you are facing problems in joint pains, then you can rely on Shoulder replacement in India. Be assured that the harness fits you properly and it is tough without any wear and tear. For safety, purpose keep a hook knife with you so as to open up the part of parachute in case it does not open up.
  5. Opt for a light meal: Prior to jumping if its first time or several time opt for a light meal. Cross check all your equipment’s and pack your parachute well under the instructions of your instructor.


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