Is this Love again? – Episode 1

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“Hey Pooja, Get up. Its 4 already. You have to be ready in 2 hrs !” my mom was not screaming this time but a pleasant wake up.

“Mom, its just 4. We have plenty of time for the marriage.” I was groaning in the bed.

“stupid! Its your marriage. Beauticians are waiting outside to start their work. Get up.”


This time her voice was even more louder. I don’t want to make this situation even more worse so got up with a fake smile.

The beauticians where really waiting near my bed. How do they manage to be here at early morning 4 am with full make up on their faces? To be frank I hate makeup. The last time I had applied make up was during a school drama of my 7th grade. I was the queen in that drama. King was some small kid who was shorter than me. The king marries me at the end of the play. Now my real marriage is gonna happen with a guy who is a complete stranger to me. Uffff!

“Pooja! You still brushing your teeth???“ Mom again.

I stopped all my haunting memories and tried to finish my pre makeup traditions as fast as possible. The beautician gave me a cream to wash my face.

“It will make your face glow during your BIG DAY” the beautician said. Sorry she blushed! I felt a strong stinch of irritation in my stomach. To marry a guy whom you have never met in your life, hardly you know his second name, had spoke only once with him is going to be your life partner in few hours! I couldn’t understand why all weird things happens with me always?

The bridal make up begun. Tamil, my younger brother was standing near by playing video game seriously in my cell phone. Why guys always stick to the electrical items as if whole world is nothing in front of that. I know he was playing the same boring football game in the cell. Whenever he had time he used to play football in the ground or in my mobile.

Suddenly got a ring in my mobile, ” Pooja, maama is calling“ he winked at me and handed my mobile to me.

Who is this mama? my mobile was flashing “Raghav Calling”. Oh this is the new maama which Tamil had mentioned. By the way Raghav is the man whom I am going to marry. Raghav B.E M.S from London currently running his family business, only son for his parents, smart, hot, generous, kind, and veryyyyyyyyyyy richhhhhhhhhh. I have heard this at least a hundred times for the past 2 months from my mom ever since we got his proposal for marriage. Well don’t imagine he has loved me and proposed. It was his family’s proposal and here we are gonna get married soon.

I am Pooja B.E, working in an esteemed IT company for the past 2 years. Each girl has her own dream of getting married. Some prefer Love marriage, some prefer arranged marriage, some prefer NO marriage at all. Well I belong to the last category. Life has showed me the ugliest part for the past 6 years and I hated marriage to the core. And the most important part is I really hate this guy Raghav.

I still remember the first phone call I made to him. It was an ISD call and I did the ISD call first time through my personal mobile. He picked up my call after 5 Looonnnggg rings. You know how you get tensed when you are about to talk to a guy with whom your engagement is gonna happen in 2 days. That too the reason was to stop the marriage.

“Hello Raghav here” he said.

His voice was neither hard nor soft but a normal man’s voice with an American accent.

Why people behave like Americans once they do they PG in London. Well no time to think and it was an ISD call.

“hi, Its Pooja here” I was whispering. Shit!

“Parden” he said.

“Sorry! Its Pooja here. Pooja from Chennai. Working at Infosys.” I was swallowing my words. Why am I telling my bio-data?

“Oh k. So wassup???” his voice as normal as before.

I was not expecting much from him. But still a plain wassup made me even more inconvenient.

“I think you have mistaken. Am the girl with whom you are gonna get engaged in 2 days” I was slightly raised my voice.

“I know. Tell me Pooja. I don’t have enough time to talk in phone” And some noises of pages being turned was heard.

Ohhh he is showing he is busy! Even I don’t want to talk with him. But fate!

“Raghav I just wanna talk to you in privacy. No in private. I mean its important. If u r not busy?” damn, I was talking to him as if my appraisal was going on. Why am I so humble in my speech? Oh common Pooja. He is not your Team Leader. Have guts!

“Come to the point” he was like ordering. My TL is better than him. I thought.

“Raghav I don’t want to get married. I mean I hate marriage life. I don’t want this marriage to happen” I spoke with the maximum possible guts.

“Even I don’t want this marriage to happen. Say something new” he was talking in a hushed tone as if he is ready to cut my call. But whatever he is on my line. Even he doesn’t wants to marry.

“Then why can’t you stop this marriage?” I asked him.

“How about I ask the same question to you?“ damn, he was very adamant. Male Chauvinist. I was burning inside. Moreover my ISD bill!

“See Raghav, I have tried all possible ways but nothing worked. That’s why I had been cornered to call you. I need your help to stop this marriage. so can you…”

“Cant find any new story? any damn new story to impress me? Why you girls act as though you are very innocent in every aspect. You can never impress me like this Pooja. Better luck next time” and the call was cut.

I was frozen. Did I heard correctly? When did I tried to impress him. What’s wrong with this guy? My mobile flashed call cost 397.89. Waste of time and money.

“Akka, attend the call. Maama is calling“ Tamil brought me to reality.

Now should I pick the call?

Wait and see in the next chapter…

To be Continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 2.

Is this Love again? - Episode 1
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