Is this Love again? – Episode 10

Is this Love again? - Episode 10 1
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Had I been unconscious for an hour???

Everyone around me was smiling now. But I have no chance of smiling at all for now and forever. Raghav wants to stop the marriage. He said he has some photographs of me with Goutham. But I have never taken any photos with Goutham.. How could he have then???

“you were unconscious for 2 days” Sheela said this the time I met her in that room. So has Goutham used this chance for taking pictures with me?? I was wearing the same dress when I got the consciousness back .Hell No.. He might have not used that chance to take pictures. Something has went wrong.. but where???

May be I will inform my mom.. She is the only person who knows about Goutham and all the cruel stages which I crossed on those days. After my dad passed away my mom has changed a lot.. She became bit more closer to me.. But If she knows that if this marriage is not gonna happen she will definitely get heart attack.. And if she knows that Goutham is alive, things would get even more worse.

No I can’t tell mom.. I have to face it myself.. Harini was still waving air for me..

“Am k Harini…” I smiled at her and strained to get up.

“Hey relax… Your darling has postponed the marriage for an hour so that you can rest and be freshhhhhhhhh on the marriage. He is so much concerned on you.. Lucky fellow” and she glinted at me… The way she pressed the word fresh irritated me.

Postponed for an hour??? Is he extending the time for me to run away from the marriage??

“Hey Harini..did you see anyone in white shirt and blue jeans leaving this room..?? exactly before an hour..”

“No.. why???”

“Nothing… Am k now..” and I stood up and moved towards the rest room..

“Tamil where is my phone???”

“Just a minute de..Let me finish this game..” and he was very much involved in the game…

“Play Later” I snatched the cell from him and glided to the restroom.. Meanwhile I was dialing Raghav’s number…
Harini blocked my way by standing infront of the door

“Ohhh … Private call.. who’s that??Your darling ah??? Guess you guys missed each other for an hour” she was teasing me and I saw the beauticians giggling too..

“Please Harini.. don’t use the word Darling.. Leave the way..” I nearly pushed her and went inside the restroom and locked it.. Finally am left alone..

To my surprise Raghav picked up the phone in the very first ring… God !! What can I tell him??

“How are you now??” Raghav started our conversation very softly..

But I couldn’t believe it is him on the line.. I have never heard him talk softly.

“Is this Raghav???” However I want to clear the doubt whether it is him..

“ya.. how are you Pooja?” Even he knows to talk sweetly.

“Is somebody near you ??” It’s human tendency to doubt someone if they suddenly act too good to you.. well am not an exception.

“Guess I asked how are you??? Are you deaf??? “ Now this is Raghav unquestionably..

“Am k now.. I have to ask you..”

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“When are you planning to leave???” He didn’t even allow me to complete my question..

“See those are all morphed photographs.. I have never taken any pictures with him”

“So you have been with him but you have never taken photographs??”

“See Raghav.. It’s not what you think.. Goutham is a criminal.. He..”

“You girls could make any man as a criminal.. See I don’t want any reasons from you.. I want this marriage to be stopped.. you have 2 more hours.. Do run out of my life.. Or else I swear I will disclose all the photographs.. It would be a great humiliation to you and your family.. “

“Hey will you please stop this nonsense.. It is not me in the photograph.. You believe it or not that is the truth. I won’t run from here.. You reveal the photos to everyone ,stop the marriage, and do whatever you want…am not bothered.. Its waste talking to a fool like you.. And It is better to get humiliated in crowd than marrying you… Get Lost..” and I angrily cut the call. I was grasping for my breath and I could feel my heart accelerating its speed…

F##K !!!! Why can’t he listen to me once !!! anyways this marriage is not gonna happen.. He can unveil the photos even after I leave.. Then there will be no one from my side to prove am innocent.. And additionally If the bride is missing from the marriage hall the society will have its own stories.. No I won’t let this happen .. Let him show!! I will face the consequences…

I splashed cool water on my face.. “Cool water is the best way to control your rage..” Dad used to follow this often whenever he fights with mom.. I missed my dad very much now.. Had he been here I would have had a moral support in his hectic situation.

My phone was blinking now with a display “Raghav Calling… “

Why is he calling now??? I have nothing to speak with him.. I disconnected the call .. He called me three more times and each time I disconnected it in the very first ring.. shameless man!! I was still grumbling in wrath.

“A new message from Raghav “

What has he texted me..??? By the time I was about to open the message I got a call from unknown number… Well it’s a very old trick.. when someone often ignores our call then call them from an unknown number… Let me ask him why is he calling me so many times and I picked the call..

“Hello diaaaaaa … how are you ??” I was speechless for a moment..It was Goutham…even after 5 years I was able to clearly identify his voice…

“Goutham ??? “

“How sweet of my girlfriend.. You still remember me.. 5 years right???”

“Shut up… I know everything about you.. Before I inform police get lost from here..”

“Oh you are hot now… cool baby.. you guys murdered me… No no no it was perfectly planned assassination. And you are happily getting married to a rich fellow now… huh???”

“Hey don’t dare to use the word assassination.. It is for great people.. Not for filthy dogs like you.. Leave this place or I will ”

“what you will?? Call the police??? What proof do you have with you to show am a wrong person…??? See… Am not a filmy villain.. I need an information from you.. you tell and I will leave you.. you are of no use to me now… “

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“What information???”

“who rescued you?? I know someone in our gang has helped you.. tell his or her name.. I will leave you “

“I don’t know anything about them…”

“Don’t think am a fool .. I know you know about them.. and I have lost lakhs of amount just because of those F*$&$ing people… Many of my girls are missing and am not able track them too.. Tell me.. see the photos which I gave to your fiancé are very decent ones… I have the worst ones with me.. Do you want those photos to be revealed

“what?? Don’t threaten me… how could you have photos of mine?? I have never..”

“Ya you have never.. But you were unconscious for 2 days.. Big time right??”

“Believe me .. I don’t know anyone.. No one said their name.. a man came and rescued…He said they are a team..

that’s it.. If am of no use to you why do you want to stop this marriage???”

“Well.. that’s just a revenge.. After all you have cheated me.. and you have shot me too.. “

“I thought you were dead.. how come??”

“Unless the bullet pierces straight to your heart or brain , you have more chances of survival.. leave that.. If you don’t know who they are at least you must be aware by what means they took you out of that place?? Say that…”

Red Cross.. wearing red masks.. If I say that they will be caught .. not only javeed but also those innocent volunteers.. The rowdies over there counted the people and also checked their names before they left that place.. Just a hint would put them all in danger..

No I can’t betray them and stop their noble activity of rescuing girls..

“Hello Pooja … hey I swear I wont disturb you and your life if you tell me what happened exactly there…” it was Goutham again in his creepy voice..

“You have already disturbed my life Goutham.. I lost my father.. We lost our home and everything.. Now we are living our life in a stranger’s land… And now my marriage is gonna halt.. You can’t do any harm more.. Don’t expect a single word from me.. “ I was shouting in fury…

“Do you want me to put all your stripped photos in net???”

“F##k .. Do whatever you want.. I don’t damn care about it” I dropped my phone with such a force that it was broken into pieces…

I don’t know how much time I was under shower weeping.. I have no life left… what if I commit suicide…??? Instead of getting humiliated in front of crowd it’s better to die.. To my bad luck there was no phenyl bottle around and there was no hook up to hang myself.. No chances to die and no chances to live !!

“Pooja come out.. It’s getting late…” It was my mom..

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So nothing worse has happened out now.. I went out of the room and I was wet..

“Pooja is still like a child.. She goes mad if she sees a shower…” mom was giggling to an aunty.. I have seen that aunty twice.. She is Raghav’s mom.. She was wearing blue colour Silk Saree which must cost at least a lakh.. And she was wearing everything in match.. blue bangles , blue stoned necklace , hair bands and she had adored her eyes with blue colored eye pencil too.. Thank god Blue lipstick was missing!!

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“thats k.. even Raghav is crazy about water.. ha ha ha “ and she started to laugh very carefully without troubling her dark red lipstick..

And even my mom was laughing madly.. was that a joke??? When people around you are smiling you have to smile back even if it is a funeral.. I gave a sarcastic smile back..

“Get ready soon Pooja.. Its getting late.. Raghav is waiting..“ Again it was raghav’s mom…

“Ya k aunty”

The bridal makeup was being done with an enhanced speed. One women was doing something with my hair and the other was focused on my face … Some were having a look at the bridal dress and most others were very focused on the jewels.. I was waiting for a shout or scream outside to stop my marriage.. there must be competition between Raghav and Gautham for whom to stop the marriage first.. But there was nothing unusual happening outside.. It was a usual marriage hall with all kids roaming around, young misses adjusting their makeup and chatting with friends, boys going around the beautiful girls and commenting, relatives sitting as a group and discussing their family problems.. Well I was expecting a big blast outside to happen at any time…

After an hour the whole bridal makeup was over . I was wearing a beautifully designed silk saree which was dark green in color.. And all the jewels were exclusively designed for marriage.. With neat makeup I was looking gorgeous…

They took me to the marriage hall.. I have never seen Raghav till now.. And I don’t want too.. everything seemed to be fine around.. why has he not revealed the photos yet?? Is he gonna stand up when he is about to tie the knot as it always happens in tamil movies?? And where is Goutham?? Is he too waiting for the right time???

Whatever!! Pooja be calm.. this marriage is not gonna happen .. If questioned tell the crowd what happened to you…

And now I am here being seated near Raghav as his bride… I cared not to look at him.. but I sensed he was looking at me..

“why are you waiting.. cancel the marriage..” I whispered at him…

There was no response from him… and 5 minutes later he tied the knot….

“Hey!!! What are you doing???” I saw his face for the first time when he tied the knot…some flowers were falling on us.. My mom was wiping her tears…

Am Pooja Raghav now… I couldn’t believe that this marriage happened.. where is Goutham and Why has Raghav married me????

I have lots of questions which needed their answers badly.. I was waiting for a perfect moment…

And of course it was our wedding night….

To be continued……

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