Is this Love again? – Episode 11

Is this Love again? - Episode 11 1
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It was a beautifully decorated room. Raghav had been in this room right from his age 10 but today it looked extraordinarily stunning. Raghav always want his room to be neat and everything should be in its place. A slight disorder would make him loose his temper soon. So It was his mom who had called an interior decorator just for the sake of decorating this room on this big night. The room was perfumed with his favorite lavender room freshener and there were candles placed at the corners of the room. Raghav hated flowers.. So there was no sign of flowers inside but prettily designed curtains were dangled around the room which were wavering to the chill breeze from the windows. There was a balcony beside the room from which one could have a good look of the garden in front of Raghav’s house..

Raghav was standing in the balcony and was staring at the sky.. He neither cared to look at the adornment around nor dreamt about his wedding night. His hands were tightly holding those photographs which Goutham gave him.

He looked those photos for the hundredth time.. Pooja was standing near a waterfall and Goutham was kissing her. But there was slight difference in the lightening. Pooja’s face was little dim in light but Goutham’s face was glowing in sunlight. Though it is impossible for a common man to find, a genius in Matlab could easily find it.. Damn !! These are morphed for sure!! How did I believed him and shouted at her without even listening what she is trying to say??? Though in other two photos Pooja was found sitting with him near a lake Raghav was not able to believe that.. If one is morphed there is no need to check the others.

“S**t !!! How did that bas***d thought I would believe these morphed pictures and stop this marriage?? If Pooja hadn’t shouted I would have not even thought to examine the photo again.. But she said that she has never taken photos with him but she knows him… What might be the relationship between him and her?? Whatever am not gonna care.. All girls are the same!! I have got enough experience with girls and am not gonna believe any b***h again..

And that Goutham.. why did he vanished from the place when I said I ll call the police and ask them to talk in favor of his love??? Lousy Ba***d !!! I have seen him before somewhere but where??? I was not able to recall ..

“Mom Calling …“ Raghav’s mobile flashed. When he was in London Raghav would be eagerly waiting for his mom’s call. But for the last six months it was irritating for him. If mom hadn’t got heart attack or If mom hadn’t threatened him of committing suicide or at least If mom had understood his inner hurt feelings, this marriage would have not happened. Raghav was frustrated when his dad too supported her mom in getting married.. and finally their parents won and Raghav accepted this marriage. But the last chance .. If the photos which Goutahm had given been real I would have stopped this marriage.. His conscious didn’t allow him to put false grievance on a girl and use that chance to stop this unwelcomed marriage.


The mobile was ringing still..

Why is she calling me now ??? Advise me to act as a goody goody husband to her daughter in law??? If I don’t attend the call she would come to the room straight. Am not in a mood to talk to anyone in person. With frustration Raghav attended the call.

“Hello Raghav.. Howz the decoration.. Stunned ah??? With great difficulty we traced Mr.Jane to do this interior decoration part. I myself chose the best design for this room..And that curtains..”

“Mom please stop it… the decoration is awesome.. This is what you want right?? Please leave me alone” and he switched off his mobile.

Still his mind was circling around Goutham.. If he wants to stop the marriage why did he ran away?? Or are they a group to snatch money from me showing the pictures of my wife with someone else.. My wife… These words were hard to digest for Raghav.. If it had been a year before the word “My wife” had only meaning in Raghav’s dictionary. It was she !! “MEHA” How could she betray me like this?? Even by thinking her Raghav felt his blood pressure raise. No I won’t think about her .. But each time we try to forget a person they often occupy our mind without our approval and give us the unbearable pain. It’s a specialty in Love. Raghav purposely switched his topic to Pooja and Goutham and each time Meha’s smiling face disturbed him.. She is such a Bi**h!! Why am I still thinking about her..

He sensed someone entering the room.. It must be Pooja.. With no interest in looking at her Raghav was staring at the sky.

Pooja had gone fed up in the change in makeup and dress since from the morning.. this is the fourth time she changed her dress and makeup. She never tried to talk with raghav during evening reception. To smile in front of everyone when your heart is crying inside is very hard. Pooja has mastered that art. And finally when she was about to leave her family and start in car she cried like a broken dam. When most of them felt she is crying for missing her family , only Pooja knew the exact reason. She was neither happy nor sad of this marriage. But when comes about future she had only a question mark in front.. and She was still confused why Raghav married her..

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It had been a perfect time for him to stop this marriage.. Old photos, ex-boyfriend in marriage hall and “A girl like me as a bride!!!” as he often said.

Every weird things happen to me !! Well with the height of frustration I went inside the room. I was in light blue colored silk saree and my hair was left loose.. When the beauticians tried to keep flowers on my head my mother-in-law refused it .. Total family has some mysteries in them. Ufff!!

It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen in my life. And the room freshener was really mesmerizing. This is the best habit of mine !! However worse the situation in my life I have never failed to relish the beauty around.. Few seconds of refreshment gives us better strength to face worst problems.

The room was very neat and everything was in order. Exactly opposite to my room!!! She thought of her room which would look like a ghost house and If you have find a particular object you have to go for treasure hunt.
It was deserted !! she glided inside the room very gently. ”Now a days young girls walk gently only on their wedding night or when they are about to deliver a baby !!” It was a bad comment given by Goutham once seeing me walking so fast. S**t !! why am I thinking about him???

Raghav was standing near the balcony. He didn’t seemed to care a damn about me.. Well even am not bothered about him. But I have lots of questions which needed its answer. Shall I too go to the balcony and talk to him.. No It would be as though am behind him and trying to flatter him.. He has the ability to use any word and hurt a person.

No I will wait here. Let him come and speak. Well mostly girls never start a conversation. I sat on the couch which was near the cot and was looking around the room.. There was a shelf nearby. It’s better to call it as a mini library. He must be a book worm like me.. well I don’t want to dig into that shelf on the very first night and was waiting anxiously for Raghav.
It was almost half an hour ,Raghav cared not to look at me.. Does he know am here ??? I coughed purposely. I know it’s a very old trick and it does work mostly.. But Raghav was completely deaf to my cough.. well I must try something new…There was a tv on the corner of the room.. And the remote was lying nearby the couch. Let me disturb him technically. I switched on the tv and raised its volume step by step.. Awww!! It was maximum now , but still there was no reaction from him.. this volume would have woke up a dead person from grave too.. Damn !!!! He is very stubborn.

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The tv was telecasting some news channel.. I did tuned the channels without leaving any gap between.. Well best way to irritate a person is to tune the channels often that too in full volume…

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Raghav banged the door near balcony. He came with such a speed and lifted the television and banged it down.. The LCD was shattered into pieces…

Is this Love again? - Episode 11 2
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I stood there speechless in shock.. He hurried towards me snatched the remote from my hand and pulled me towards him.. Before I could sense what was happening his lips were on mine.. I stood motionless for few seconds and when I recognized the reality it was too late to fight with him. His arms were tightly holding me that couldn’t move even a inch.. after few minutes his arms loosened and he left me.. But his eyes were burning in rage..

this is what you want right??? Is this enough or you want everything??” he was breathing hard and took steps further towards me..

I was too grasping for my breath veiled in the unexpected jolt.

“Hey stop there…” I was struggling for my words… And I never knew why tears were trickling on my cheeks..
He stopped and was gazing at me like he is looking at an ugly beast.. Every cell in my body was burning in embarrassment and agony.. If he hadn’t been my husband I would have slapped him..

When he further took a step towards me I nearly shouted…

“Stop there.. Or I will slap you “

“Slap me ??? Do you think that you have so much strength in you?? You blo**y bi..” He didn’t complete the word.

I couldn’t control my tears.. But crying in front of a man would show you weaker. With no more words to speak I sat on the couch . There was deadly silence between us.. Raghav moved to the balcony again and took the same position back…

Now I was able to weep independently.. I hated crying.. But In this situation I was left with no other choice.. Quite after a while I felt little relaxed… wiping all the stains of tears and with no energy left I laid on the couch… I recalled all the shocks which I got in one single day.. God !! Its enough !!! I will face remaining shocks tomorrow…

Raghav came inside the room .. He was roaming for a while inside the room and took an empty cardboard.. He went near the broken LCD and started picking up the broken pieces and noiselessly dropped them inside it…

“If you are not sleeping am sorry Pooja “ It was Raghav….

“Did he said sorry???”

To be continued……

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