Is this Love again? – Episode 12

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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 11.

P.N: Goutham and Suraj denote the same person..

“If you are not sleeping am sorry Pooja” It was Raghav… Did he say sorry???

I must be dreaming !! Raghav’s dictionary doesn’t have the word sorry when it’s a conversation with Pooja. I got up from the couch as he was standing .. It is not am giving respect to him, but to reply a man sleeping on a couch didn’t seemed moral.

“you said sorry???” I looked at him bizarrely with a question.

“Yeah… I said..” well he didn’t looked at me..

“For wat??” I enquired him..

Right from the ISD call he has got so many reasons for which he can plead to me. But what for this sorry?? I was bit confused..

“Damn.. Look Am not such a kind of guy to touch a girl without her wish.. and I… See.. I shouldn’t have done this.. Sorry k.. “ his face was outright without any expressions.

Now what can I say to him??? Accept his apology?? “Its k Raghav I don’t mind you kissing me !!! “ He will think that am shameless…

Or shout at him “How dare you did this to me ?? Will just a sorry make me forget everything??” It will worsen the situation more…

was thinking deeply what should I reply.. but he never cared at me and went for cautiously picking the broken pieces of LCD and placing it in the cardboard box.. The broken pieces were flickering in the dim light..

I will better help him in collecting those pieces.. And accept his apology and also clearly mention to him that not to repeat this again..
When I moved towards him , “Stop there …” It was Raghav in his elevated voice..

“I ll…”

“Use the couch.. “


“I mean don’t use my bed.. I hate people using it.. Guess you are comfortable with the couch..If not I ll order a new cot for you…”

Who is bothered about his bed???

“See Raghav.. Am..”

“I know you are my wife.. But don’t think am such a decent guy who will be in control having a beautiful girl lying beside him in his own bed.. Next time I won’t be sorry too.. So your safety is in your hand… Use the couch… and”

“Hey.. don’t you have an habit of listening others??? Who is bothered about your cot ? and am very much comfortable here… “

“then why the hell did you moved towards it??”

“hey…you have got perversion in your eyes.. will you believe that I thought I will help you in collecting these..” I pointed those broken parts..

“I will… Clean the room.. “ he nearly ordered me.. Then he just kept the box down and left that place to sit on his precious cot… He is now seated on his bed with his legs crossed turning the pages of a magazine..

How rude !!! I was burning in rage !!! As if he is King and am his slave cleaning his room..Hell.. I was not in a mood to fight or argue with him .. with no choice left I eviscerated it and placed the box in a corner of the room…

There was no sign of sorry in his face.. cha!! For a minute even I considered him Noble.. Chanceless… With distress I progressed towards the couch..

“Hey.. wait.. “ It was Raghav..

Now what ?? Is he going to complain that I have not cleaned properly ?? I haven’t cleaned any place in my life with so much perfection…

“What??? I have no strength left to argue with you…” I was frowning at him..
“even am… See I need privacy… There is a small room attached to this one.. It’s my reading room.. So…”

“can you please help me to move this couch to that room??? “ I don’t want to listen him anymore..

“Oh ya…sure…” he grinned…

That was the first time he smiled at me… I could feel my heart getting lighter.. am I feeling glad for his smile?? Oh nothing Pooja…

He was very strong indeed.. Must have gone to gym daily.. I had just placed my hands on it as if am pushing.. but the reality is 98% strength was his..

“now you can use this room.. Don’t touch the computer and the files in the drawer.. Other than that you can use everything… good night..” he hurried out of the room…

“Good night..” I know he might have not heard my words.. and he never cared too !!!

Even this room was well-ordered and air conditioned.. the room had only one entrance.. so if I have to leave the room I have to cross Raghav’s room… It had a big sized window skillfully covered with curtains.. There was a reading table with many shelves in it… There was a cupboard covered with glass which had a large collection of books…

He must be mad about books !!! Well I have a good time pass here…

“You can lock the door” Raghav was shouting from his room…

With no more words to ask I locked it… I was tired !! very tired now !! But I know I couldn’t sleep now.. I had lots of questions in my mind which needed their answer.. I can ask Raghav but I am damn sure he won’t answer any of my questions properly and rather would insult me…

Where is goutham now??? I have to inform Javeed that Goutham is not dead… but how?? After I escaped from that hell , Javeed hadn’t contacted me… I still remember the last words which he said to me…

“shift your home to some other place.. a place where you have never been… and change your college.. don’t update anything about you in facebook.. and.. be safe k…”

How could I contact him??? My brain was wavering around.. I never knew when I slept and it was Raghav smiling in my dreams !!! and I never knew a great shock was waiting for me tomorrow !!!

It was a heavily loaded truck with a large container behind.. the driver riding the truck in the busy Chennai highways… A couple was sitting near the driver. The woman was in her early forties but seemed more aged with wrinkles on her face . The old-fashioned saree which she was currently wearing was faded and it portrayed her to be the poorest individual from India . And the man was in his late forties looked very strong but still his dressing was even more worse than his wife… He was chatting to the driver…

“Is this road always busy???” the man enquired to the driver…

“ya sahaab !! This is NH4… This road connects 4 states.. People travelling to Mumbai, Banglore or Pune always prefer this route.. I myself has travelled 50 times in this highway.. “ the driver was propagandizing his experience..

“So why are you shifting your home to Mumbai??? “ the driver asked the man…

“I have got a transfer of job to Mumbai … So we are shifting there…”

“What job saahab???”

“am an agent in a private insurance company…. Have got a promotion.. “the man was smiling at him…

The driver looked at the couple bizarrely…

“Oh these clothes… Don’t mistake us.. My wife gives me such clothes to wear whenever we go for a night travel.. she is bit cautious about our safety.. “ he was smiling again…

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“ha ha.. Ya sahaab.. These ladies are all the same.. even my wife allows me to wear good dresses only on someone’s marriage function… So to wear a decent dress I have wait for a wedding…” He laughed such loudly that the woman nearby woke up…
“————.. whats happening here??? Dont you know am sleeping.. “ she shouted at his husband…

“nothing dear.. the driver laughed… I will ask him to be quiet…You please sleep honey…” and he tapped her gently..

The lady resumed her sleep mode back….

“sorry.. My wife loses her temper when disturbed from sleep” he looked at the driver pithily..

“I understand…It’s very hard to be a husband saahab..” the driver whispered and smiled at the man …

“so when will we cross the tamilnadu border???” The man asked him..

“Just 5 kilometers saahab.. we will cross in 10 minutes…”

“thanks…” the man felt a sigh of relief inside him…

Before they could cross 2 kilometers two police jeeps were on the way checking the vehicles …

The man felt his heart skip a beat.. but still he was strong inside and recalled Suraj’s words… “Don’t worry Police wont check this vehicle.. this truck has been exclusively used for shifting home.. So they won’t doubt you… And moreover I have informed the road inspector too.. He will take care… be careful about the girls.. If one is missing I will kill you.. samje???”

He felt his adrenaline raising and lowering in his blood in a zigzag manner.. God !! Please let them not check the truck… and the thought of 7 girls lying unconscious inside the truck wrapped in big boxes bewildered him…

He tried to wake up the lady who was sleeping still who was snoring like a chimpanzee.. Well he doesn’t know whether chimpanzee could snore , but he didn’t find better illustration than that…

“Get up !! you useless woman !! “ he was screaming….

“Why are you waking her up saahab??? This is a usual checking.. they know me.. You know I have travelled this route more than 50 times..”

OMG!!! How many times will he tell that he has travelled in this route ???? As if this is a Kashmir Border….———-!!!

The truck was in a queue to undergo the checking.. There were 2 police jeeps and some 10 policemen in their neatly ironed khaki uniform..

“Can’t you ignore the checking and go ???” the man queried him in frustration..

“Don’t worry sahaab.. Its nothing.. they will check for license… I have it and plus I have travelled this route more than 50 times.. I know them …”

“———-.. stop this nonsense!!! Drive the truck… “ the man was shuddering in rage..

He quickly dialed Suraj’s number…

Suraj picked the call in the very first ring…

“So have you crossed Tamilnadu border??? “

“No sahaab… there is a checking on the highways.. we are in a queue and we will be checked after 3 vehicles.. am scared..” he was hissing…

“you fool.. Don’t show you are scared !!! I said I have informed the road police.. They will take care.. and this lorry driver has a good name.. so no chance of checking.. got it ?? Now be normal.. text me after you cross the tamilnadu border… if something goes wrong give the phone to Police.. I will take care…” and the call was cut..

Now the truck stopped…

“vanakkam sir… they are shifting home to Mumbai… He is an insurance agent sir…”

“shut up !! show me your license…” one of the policemen with a big mustache yelled..

“here it is sahaab.. I have an experience of 10 years in driving.. And I have travelled this route more than… “ and the driver resumed his speech again…

———!!! the man was screaming inside…

“what is your name???” another police enquired the man…

“Ra.. Ramesh sir…”

“Who is she???” the police pointed the lady..

“My wife…”

“what’s inside???”

“what.. sir.. nothing.. just our old utensils and furniture sir..” he was swallowing the words…

“Hey driver open the container!!!” the police ordered ..

“Sir I said there is nothing.. You cant !! “

“shut up !!! Open the door driver !! “

The man and the driver followed the police… the man was about to collapse in fear.. He quickly called Suraj…

“Sahaab !! the police are checking our vehicle!!! “

“give the phone to them…”

“Just a minute sir !!! My boss wants to talk to you…” and he handed to the police officer who seemed to be the superior officer there…

“Hello.. can I talk to Inspector Antony now???”

“Antony here…” the officer replied…

“Hey you.. this is Suraj here.. I texted you the vehicle number right??? Then why the hell are you checking the vehicle???————…”

“sorry.. there is problem out.. You cant cross the border now .. I will seize the vehicle now sir.. and I will release it morning.. Please understand…” the police was whispering….

Meanwhile a constable was shouting from inside the truck.. “sir !!there are girls unconscious inside”

Another police slapped the man…

“———— !! are you kidnapping girls !!! arrest them all”

Suraj was waiting anxiously for the call from inspector antony…

Damn!! Why is he taking time to call???

Desparately he dialed his number…

“Hello…” Antony answered him in a sleepy voice…

“hell!! are you sleeping… When will you release the truck and the gals???”

“Suraj sir.. you?? Am not getting what are you trying to say??? the truck must have crossed tamilnadu… “

“hey you said you will arrest and leave them in the morning.. Stop playing”

“but sir !! I ordered all my men not to go for checking at the time the truck is crossing.. “

“enquire other police you ———-“

“am damn sure sir !! we didn’t arrest anyone !! guess something has went wrong…”

Suraj was bewildered!!! What has happened????

Meanwhile he got a call..

“Hey where are you??? They are not police!!”

“they pushed us and have eloped the truck sahaab!! “ the man was weeping…

Suraj was stunned !!!!

Javeed texted his boss…

“Girls are safe!!! “

To be continued !!!

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 13.

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