Is this Love again? – Episode 13

Is this Love again? - Episode 13 1
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Someone was knocking the door vigorously…

“Are you deaf… Wake up “ someone was screaming from the bottom of their lungs….

“Ya mom.. 5 minutes” I was mumbling in bed…

“I will break the door if you don’t open it in 2 minutes…”

Hell!!! Its Raghav’s voice… Oh shit !! Am in Raghav’s home… And Pooja you are married !!

I remembered my mom’s words… “Wake up early… take bath.. make bed coffee for your husband…keep smiling always..
Show more care on him.. Make sure he gives his entire salary to you”

Uffff!!! Is every mom like this??? Well though I can’t follow everything what she said I wished at least I could follow first two.. I don’t want the people here to think am lazy.

“Pooojaaaa… “ Raghav this time banged the door with more force..thank god the door is made of teak wood.. Orelse the door would have got a hole in between…

“Ya ya am coming… “ I adjusted my dress and opened the door…

There raghav was standing ferociously as if he is gonna kill me
…. He was wearing perfect formal dress .. Oh he is ready for the office.. the clock on the wall was showing time as 9.20… Shit !! I have slept so long…

“Am sor…”

“Get lost from here.. I have to take important files.. move” he nearly pushed me and rushed inside the room…

This time I don’t want to argue with him.. Well the mistake is on my side… I quickly took bath and wore a brand new dress.. this is the main advantage of getting married.. at least for a month you can wear new dresses….

When I came out of the room to my surprise Raghav was still in the room…

“So you always take bath for half an hour???” he gave an ironic smile.

What’s his problem??? Today actually took bath in such a hurry…

“No.. I normally take an hour.. Today I hurried “ I grinned at him.

“What the ———- … “ he was murmuring…

“sorry you said something ??? “ I enquired him like an innocent child…

“Look… I don’t want to argue with you… Get ready and come down soon… Mom wants to say something .. “ and he started to move out of the room…

I was able to hear his murmur clearly “these ladies !! They won’t allow us to go for job too!!! #$#$^@#^@^ “ He nearly banged the door and left.

Guess his mom has stopped him from going to office… I got ready in 10 minutes and rushed down.. I don’t want him to come up again and scream at me…

There his mom , dad and Raghav was waiting on the dining table.. Two servants were waiting nearby standing in a position to serve food.. If someone says “on the mount, Get set , Go” they will start serving I guess..

Raghav was busying typing something in his phone.. Raghav’s mom Gayathri saw me first.. She was in full makeup.. everything was pink in her today… Pink saree ,pink eye shadow, pink nail polish , pink bangles , necklace with pink stones on it well the list goes on… I was wondering how she manages to get everything in match… And I looked myself.. I was in green salwar… blue bangles, red stoned dolor in chain which my mother gifted me and no nail polish.. I had just tied my wet hair with a clip and looked out of fashion in front of her….

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She was smiling at me… “Good morning Pooja dear..” she nearly screamed… I was jerked for a second by the sudden sound but all others seemed normal. They must have got used to it.

“Good morning aunty” I smiled back…

“So you too get up at 9.. that’s sweet of you dear.. even I wish the same.. But this Raghav and his dad always wake me up early..” the way she made her face as if she is very sad made me laugh…

“No aunty.. I usually wake up at 5 to catch the office bus at 6.30 .. Yesterday I slept late..So..”

“I understand…” She looked at her husband and both smiled with a blush… Even the two lady servants exchanged a humble smile…

What’s happening??? Raghav was staring at me angrily… Oh shit !! what have you said Pooja??? Now I clearly understood the reason behind their smile…

“Nothing like what you all think.. actually…”

“Pooja.. sit down and have breakfast..” Raghav commanded….

I sat near Raghav… except me and Raghav everyone around us were blushing.. It was a very good breakfast…

“you look very beautiful in this dress Pooja.. Isn’t she raghav???” she enquired raghav..

He gave a weird look at her and continued his breakfast… OMG!! Why is she asking him???

“You too very cute in this dress aunty.. everything in match…” I know the word cute is too much.. But I don’t want her to feel bad about raghav not answering her.. But I understood soon I have made a great blunder by praising her…

“Cuteeeeeeeeee???? I know.. Actually I go to Express avenue to buy things.. and this saree…” Raghav’s mom was going on narrating her stories of where she gets for shopping how she selects her dresses and what products she buys for makeup , who companies her…

Raghav and his father left the dining hall in 5 minutes… But I was not able to move too.. she was going on blabbering… Ufff!!! 20 minutes over.. Now She started where she buys jewels.. Come on Pooja do something or u will go deaf soon….

“Aunty shall I clean the plates…” I tried to stand up with the dirty plate on my hand…

“no need Pooja.. Meenu will take those… Hey.. come here and clean the table.. And I never wash the vessels.. My nail paint gets spoiled .. And guess wat I got this nail paint from Australia.. we went there last time ….” And she continued her adventures in Australia.

“Mom am leaving to office now..” Raghav interrupted her talk… First time in my life I felt happy for Raghav’s presence….

“How can you go Raghav??? You are newly married.. take Pooja out…You shouldn’t go to office for a month k…”

“what the… Mom…. I have works to complete… Newly married doesn’t mean we don’t have to earn for the living.. am leaving … bye”

“Hey Raghav.. So you have grown up now.. You won’t listen my words… I have mistaken.. I must have not trusted my son so blindly that he will listen me… Revathi was correct…”

“Oh mom.. please don’t start about Revathi aunty and her stupid speech..Now what do you want me to do???”

“Take Pooja out…”

“I will take her out in the evening.. Now let me go now…”

“That’s sweet of my boy..” She kissed her on his forehead and Raghav went out..

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Going Out with Raghav???? I cursed myself for marrying him… He will definitely insult me more…

“Pooja dear.. Go and get ready k… “

“Aunty I need a help…”

“ya you can ask me anything…”

“I need to browse.. Where can I???”

“Use Raghav’s system…”

“Password ????”

“He is your husband dear.. You ask he will do anything for you.. “ She winked at me…

He will do anything for me.. Best joke of the year…

“I will ask him later aunty..For nowwwwwwww…..”

“k k .. use the system in living room.. It has no password.. “ she smiled and left the place…

Now I have to track Javeed and inform him about Goutham… first I tried with facebook and typed Javeed , Mumbai ….3567 results found !!!! chanceless ….

Now I tried with “Javeed Mumbai red cross “

“No results found for Javeed Mumbai red cross” Ufff!!!

I tried with google… It Displayed About 144,000 results (0.32 seconds)

And it displayed unwanted results mostly…

I went for the list of members in Red cross .. I was able to crack only the senior members of the organization… Those people who rescued may be just volunteers… After an hour of search I felt disgusted…

There were 560 unread mails for me… And the first one was from Gautham…

“I wont leave until you say who rescued you..Catch you soon diaaa”

I felt a horror strike my heart and turned off the system…. My mind was circling around Javeed and the incidents which happened in Mumbai.. I have to find him somehow.. But how????

It was a hotel situated in the outskirts of Chennai city.. Javeed was talking with his friend…

“Boss !!! Master plan… See how these girls are happy now???? ”

“Javeed stop calling me as Boss…yeah !!! this happiness has made us to take risks…. Where are others ????” the man looked around…

“All are taking photograph’s in police uniform… But you looked very perfect in that dress” Javeed smiled at him…

“Not as perfect as you … so have you informed their parents ????“ He asked ..

“ ya almost.. these guys are making calls since the time they rescued gals… but how come he came alive??? You shot him to death…”

“ that was a bad shot.. I missed him… This time I have to trace him and finish his life… hey javeed.. do you have his clear photograph… The picture which you sent me last time was not clear… and I need his recent picture.. Guess I saw a man resembling him yesterday”

“Yesterday in chennai??? But where boss???” javeed exclaimed..

“I said no boss .k . well don’t ask me where I met him.. it’s a big story.. Send these gals to their parents… I will contact you all later.. bye” and he left the place..

Javeed admired this man a lot !! He is a genious !!! Javeed sighed…

Raghav was busily going through his files… His mobile started to vibrate

“Mom calling…” Raghav felt disgusted.. This mom !!! why is she calling me in office hours???

Raghav had his strict rules.. Unless it’s really an emergency he doesn’t talks with his family during his office hours.. His mom too knows that… damn!!

With frustration he kept the file down and attended the call…

“Ya mom.. what???”

“Its 4 PM…”

“So what can I do ??? “

“You said you will take out Pooja in the evening…”

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“Ohhh… that.. Mom I have got work.. I ll take her out tomorrow.. “

“Tomorrow??? That’s why I stopped you from going to office…See you are coming here in an hour.. Or else I will come there with Pooja…”

“No mother.. don’t do that.. I ll come .. bye” and he disconnected the call…

“Oh no aunty.. I don’t use eye shadow and blushers “ Pooja was pleading to Raghav’s mom Gayathri …

“you shouldn’t say no.. You will look gorgeous in makeup… “ and she was applying something more on my eyelashes…

“But aunty… I never … “

“you know what It was my childhood dream to become a beautician.. But my stupid husband didn’t allow me to pursue.. “

“So now you are fulfilling your dream on me… “ I gave a derisive smile on her..

“ha ha ha …” she was giggling like a thunder..

“You are very humorous … “ She laughed again..

Am serious aunty.. I want to shout.. But I don’t want to disappoint her.. Other than her show off , she seemed to be really sweet…

After 10 minutes she let me to see the mirror….

“Now u can see “ she handed me the mirror with a proud look…

OMG!!! I was shocked to see me.. I looked like a cartoon character.. I was in lavender color salwar.. everything was lavender in me.. even the lipstick.. If I go to circus now they will immediately appoint me as a clown….

“you look like aishwarya rai…” she commented at me with a delighted look..

Damn!! Haven’t she seen aishwarya even in calendar photos???? I want to bang my head on the mirror itself… but I don’t want to hurt her…

“thanks aunty.. Its awesome.. But I never go out wearing so much makeup.. so”

“You look awesome.. Raghav will be mesmerized seeing you… “

And the door bell rang…

“guess its raghav.. come with me.. He will be pleased to see you…”

“no aunty…I …”

“come..” she grabbed and pulled me to the hall…

I was praying “God !! Please It must not be Raghav…. I don’t want to stand before him like a clown “

But It was Raghav….

“Raghav … you have a surpiseeeeeeeeeeee…. “ aunty exclaimed as if she is gonna show the 8th wonder of the earth… and she pointed me…

“who is she mom???” Raghav was looking at me curiously..

“who??? Hey she is Pooja.. Your wife…”

“what the… go… please go and wash your face.. I don’t want to introduce a cartoon character as my wife..”

Well I was waiting for this second.. without any delay I rushed to the restroom..

“you are very Rude Raghav… “ his mom complaining..

I hadn’t been insulted so much…. After I came out of the restroom raghav’s mom tried to console me..

“don’t worry dear.. I know how much you must have been hurt.. Don’t worry I will put quick makeup soon”

“whattttt???? No aunty .. Raghav is in a hurry.. sorry “ and I evacuated the place soon..

Now I am in the car with raghav.. First date with him…..

I never knew it would be the worst date one would have ever went..

To be continued…….

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Is this Love again? - Episode 13 2

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