Is this Love again? – Episode 14

Is this Love again? - Episode 14 1
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Is this Love again? - Episode 14 2

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First Date!!!
Well am not sure whether people use the word “Date” after marriage.. But this is the first time am going out with him.. so the word “date” suited better than anything. And of course it is an Unwelcomed Date…
The car glided smoothly on the highways.. Raghav was driving the car in a very cautious manner.. He neither did raced up nor rode like a bullock cart.. It was a steady drive.. The car was very neat inside. Guess he must have took intense car on his car..
Its an old mythology.. “The way a man takes care of his Horse, is the way he will take care of his wife” More care on horse, more care on his wife..
But in this era, Guys don’t ride horses.. so lets consider a car or a bike in place of horse.. If that myth is true he must shower heap of love on me.. Awww!! Why am I getting these stupid thoughts???
Sitting idle in the car was irritating without music… I looked for the music system around but was caught hold on the fingers of Raghav… It was neatly shaven and there was no trace of dirt .He was handling the wheel very elegantly.. well , there is an old myth regarding nails of a man too.. It is..
“What’s there in my hand ???” It was Raghav..
Shit !! I had been curiously looking his nails.. “you pooja!! Always in dreamland!!! “My school miss used to shout at me often..
“wat??? nothing.. “ I replied him.
“So you will stare at a man’s hand for no reason ??”
“so you have at last found a reason to fight with me??” I frowned at him..
He gave an angry look at me and concentrated on the drive…
“So where are we going now???” I enquired him…
“Ohhh.. so u often go there ??? I mean is it your favorite picnic spot??” I questioned him like an acquitted child.
“Yeah.. since the time I got engaged with you I often go there..” he scowled …
Now what can I say ??? this man should be a champion in debates… I never want to argue with him… I swore that I will not open my mouth until I reach home back…
The drive was silent for 5 minutes… the Ac inside the car was very cool and I was frozen by it… I don’t want to ask him to reduce the AC and start the conversation with him.. and I didn’t know how to reduce it too.. with no option left I rubbed my hands to make myself warm…
Raghav unexpectedly gave a remote to me..
“This button is for reducing the temperature and this one is to increase” he never cared about my response and continued his drive..
I increased the temperature inside the car and felt better after few minutes..
“Thanks “ I know my voice was low.. but he must have heard it… there was no response from him..
“I said thanks..” I tried again with a raised voice… he behaved as if am talking to the doors and windows of the car…
Ufff !!! Even after knowing his character why are you expecting a reply from him for your thanks..No you are not going to open your mouth until you reach home….This time I was confident that I won’t utter a word to him…
After few seconds…
“Why do you want to thank me?? For the remote or for marrying you…???”
“why did you marry me??? “ I never want to miss this chance…
“haan.. because am in love with you..will you believe ???” he looked at me ironically..
“am not a fool.. you had a great chance to stop the wedding.. Ex-boyfriend, photos, unwelcomed marriage.. what happened to you suddenly???”
I looked at him keenly waiting for his reply..
“those photos were morphed…”
“So I didn’t find a strong proof to stop the marriage.. Got it????”
“Yeah …”
Seriously I expected a long explanation from him…
So since he didn’t find a strong proof against me to stop the marriage he didn’t …
I felt like sharing the bad experience I face with goutham and all the incidents that happened in Mumbai.. But he has already got a bad impression about me.. I don’t want to worsen it by telling him I was about to be get sold in Mumbai market.. Hard time he would believe it..
It was a quiet drive.. we were on the ECR road… ECR road in Chennai is the favorite hangout place for youngsters… People hailing from rich background would prefer resorts for dining and whereas from moderate and poor background would go for roadside dhabas… But there is a common place where everyone goes.. It is the beautiful sea !!!
Now I got an idea of where are we heading to… He might go for one of the richest resorts where one dosa would cost Rs.500 (Conditions apply :p).. I used to wonder a lot.. How could one cook a dosa worth 500 bucks??? Might be they go for branded items.. Branded rice ,Branded oil ,Branded tawa for cooking dosa and Branded chefs for making it… But still I was not able to justify the fact “Dosa For just Rs.500 ”.
While I was deeply involved in my thoughts of dosa , we were almost inside a resort..
Raghav stopped the car and gave a glance at me… So this glance is to get down the car…
It was a beautiful resort and I was able to find foreigners more.. the time was almost 5.45 PM now and the sun was bidding goodbye with its orange rays…
We had to walk for quite a distance to go to our reservation place.. It was a small open hut beautifully craved in wood which was near the sea shore.. there was a table inside it neatly covered with white tablecloth and a candle on it.. Candle light dinner??? With him??? I never thought Raghav would make this special arrangement for our first date…
Raghav took his seat first and I was watching the sunset…
“sit down” Raghav nearly ordered…
I sat opposite to him and tried as far as possible to not look at him straight… the waiter came and gave us a menu card..
Without even consulting me Raghav ordered some 6 items , each 2 in number… Atleast for courtesy he must have asked me what I like… well am not gonna eat whatever he has ordered…
When the waiter left with a smile ,Raghav looked at me..
“This is an Italian restaurant… You wont know what these items are… so I ordered myself.. Is that ok for you???”
“How do you presume yourself that I don’t know what these are??? I had been to Italian restaurants already… And..”
“Is it??? .. then have a look at it..” he offered me the menu card…
“Capellini alla Checca -18.89$
Penne arrabiata -9.34$
Spaghetti Portofino -12.2$
Linguine Della Casa-9.95$
Capicola- 9.95$
farfella Ametriciana – 13.45$…” and the list was very big.. Uffff!! So these are the names of food… I was amazed if am finding so hard to read it how hard it would be eat them… Well I don’t want to stand before him as an ignorant child…
There was a word which was easy to pronounce.. It was Capicola.. Sounds like coco-cola right???
“I love capicola.. Order that for me…”
“am sorry.. did you said capicola???” Raghav asked me with a question..
“Ya.. Please order that… every time I go for an Italian restaurant I have that..” I smiled at him..
“then its your wish… waiter one capicola too…”

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We waited for nearly 30 minutes.. that is why I never prefer to go to big hotels.. If you feel that you will be hungry after an hour then you can go there and order.. those were the longest 30 minutes… Raghav never bothered about me and was busy in his phone calls… he often left the place and was in phone.. I was looking around.. In the nearby hut there was an young couple.. If my guess is right they must be un-married.. They were having candle light dinner and at official breaks they exchanged kisses… Hell !!! How could one forget the surroundings and kiss like this??? I hated such a behavior… there was a beautiful sunset before me.. Better I concentrate on sunset alone…
Meanwhile Raghav came back to the seat
“Being single and watching people kissing around is the most horrible thing in the world.. Isn’t it Pooja???”
“Nothing…” meanwhile our food was served….
“Here is the capicola mam…” the waiter placed a plate before me and kept all other dishes around..
“Thank you “Raghav greeted the waiter…
Raghav started to taste his dish which could not be pronounced and I too started with my capicola.. Its smell was good and was very colorful indeed.. when I about to taste I noticed Raghav was keenly noticing me..
“Why are you looking at me like this???”
“I have never seen an Indian girl eating Pork.. that’s why..”
“Pork????” I nearly shrieked…
“Ya capicola.. Its an Italian dish made in pork… Anyhow I shouldn’t say this to girl whose favorite dish is this.. Please continue…”
He grinned at me and continued his dinner…
I quietly moved that plate to the corner of the table and took other dish which Raghav ordered for me…
“Hey Pooja.. what happened to your favorite dish???”
“It tastes bad here.. what is this one??” I pointed the new dish… I want to confirm whether it contained pork too..
With a great sigh of relief I started to taste that….



Meanwhile , a small village near the outskirts of Chennai…
It was a small hut… A girl was crying inside.. she seemed to be not more than 15 years old…Along with her there were Goutham and five other men who looked majestic and cruel… they were beating that girl…
“Give me the pencorder.. Or else we will kill you.. “ One of the men was shouting at her…
“Release my sister … Pleaseee “ She was begging them..
Goutham was in height of frustration….
“Hey release her @#%%@$^#$^ sister…”
And a girl who couldn’t be more than 10 years old was left free from the men….
The 15 yr old girl handed the pencorder to them.. She was the one who was saved by Javeed and his gang yesterday….
“Now what can we do boss???” A man enquired Goutham…
“Kill them both “ and he hastily took out his lap and loaded the memory card in it…
“You must have sent one of our girls to watch them “ a man said to goutham…
“No.. these guys have a clear segregation about whom are innocent and who are spy.. I tried twice.. But those gals where sent back with a warning… Those *@#%*%* were not able to trace a bit about that gang”
Meanwhile the pencorder displayed the videos…
There were men who were completely new to him.. Goutham was able to trace only one among them..
This was the guy who often begs him for volunteering in my area.. How did I not suspected him????
“Hey what is his name..” he freezed the screen for a while and asked one of his men…
“his name is javeed.. And his address is ….” The man took out a notebook and said javeed’s addres..
“shall we kill him boss???” Another man asked him..
“I need him… bring him here alive…. We need to find the mastermind behind this….”

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To be continued…..

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