Is this Love again? – Episode 2

Is this Love again? – Episode 2
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 1.

“Akka, attend the call. Maama is calling“ Tamil brought me back to reality.

Now should I pick the call? I could feel the adrenaline rush in my muscles with the idea of picking up his call. I still remember the words “You can never impress me Pooja!”.

But why is he calling? He hardly made a call after our engagement got over in these 2 months. Never did he attend my call. With what guts is calling me on the day of marriage? Should I cut the call? Or should let it ring and get disconnected by itself? well It would be a good revenge on him.

But taking revenge on the day of marriage with your husband to be soon is a not a good idea.

Or now let me attend and ask “Now who is calling to impress?“ and give a big nose cut to him.

Or attend and never utter a word so that he keeps pleading for his mistake.

Or better remove my battery so that he gets a recorded voice “The number you are trying to reach is currently not reachable”.

Why Life gives us so many ways to handle a problem which makes us hard to choose which is right. Normally wrong ways are damn attractive.

Stop it Pooja! Its Ringing attend or throw off your mobile! It was my conscience. When our conscience gets irritated to its extreme it always gives us two choices to conclude “DO OR DIE”.

The beauticians were making comments on me and I don’t want to show my inner irritation to them.

“Could you please be outside for a while? I have gotta personal call” me on my sweetest voice. Normally when we do pretend to be happy the invisible sweetness of your voice magically takes its control.

They left the place with a giggle. I can’t understand what’s damn funny happening here for them to giggle.


So finally am gonna pick up the call and show him am not interested on him and am very angry with his behavior. Now my right thumb went to make a connection between me and him, I mean a phone connection.

“Missed call from Raghav 4:20 am.“

Wtf ! Finally when am about to attend the call it becomes a missed call. I have no time left. Beauticians are waiting outside and before my mom comes back to my room and resumes her scream I have to find out why he had called. I waited for a minute for him to call me back. But waste!

If that Mr.Adamant, I mean Raghav has some reason to call me early morning on the day of marriage can’t he call back if not attended once? Adamant! I was cursing him. I don’t want to call him back and lose my self-respect to him anymore.

Another half a minute! Waste of waiting and I dialed his number. Again after 5 Loooooooonnnnnng rings he picked my call. God is 5 his lucky number or wat?

“Hello, Raghav here“ same plain voice which I have heard last time. As if I don’t know that it was Raghav whom I have called.

“I know. Its Pooja here. Why did u called me?” I tried American accent. But I know it finally sounded a typical Indian way.

“So finally your dream has come true? Marrying rich, educated fellow in the world! Huh?”. Was he teasing me or praising himself. Well he wants to hurt me. Let me hurt him back.

“Am sorry I guess you are not talking about yourself”

“Oh shut up Pooja. You think you have good sense of humor? See I want this marriage to be stopped. I can’t even imagine to marry a girl like you.”

GIRL LIKE U ! what is he trying to say?

Before I could utter a word he continued his talk.

“Look I give you two choices. Run away from the marriage or I will disclose your truth in front of all. It would be a great shame to you and your family. And your filmy Mother! Don’t say am the reason for her heart attack which she would dramatize in the public if I let the truth out.“


I was totally taken over. What the hell is he trying to tell. I had been calling him for 2 months to stop this fucking marriage. Now in the day of marriage after all the arrangements have been made should be stopped. Is he nuts or what? I was totally occupied by my thoughts that I forgot to give a reply to him.

“Hello are you deaf or dumb enough to melt my heart? Nothing is gonna work Pooja. You run away from the marriage or regret for rest of your life” raghav in his firm voice.

“See Raghav I am not getting like what… what you are trying to say. What truth are you talking about?“ It is really difficult to find words when you are in deep shock.

“Truth? You want me say the truth about you and your college life? I guess you remember Gautham”, Gautham! Did he said Gautham?

“Gawtham?” I want to make myself clear what was happening.

“Ya Gowtham. The guy whom you dumped to marry me. How you girls go on dumping boys as though that is your birth right? I want this f*****g marriage to stopped. You got it? I give you 2 hours. Better leave the marriage hall or I will disclose all the photographs which you took with him” and the call was cut.

I was stunned for a while. I could sense nothing around me. He wants me to run away. How does he know about Gautham?

Meanwhile I could sense someone opening the door. Guess it was Mom. But what I saw was unbelievable!

There it was Gautham standing with blue jeans and white shirt.

Gautham is alive?

I still remember this was the dress he was wearing when he was shot to death. Please god tell me what am seeing is dream. Is this place haunted?

Gautham is alive! But how? If the rigor mortis, the decomposition of the human body after death has worked properly only his bones and teeth would be left now. 3 long years. How could be he alive? I was who informed his parents about his death. How could this happen?

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I could feel the world before me is shattered into pieces and I had no sense of gravitational pull acting on me. I was getting unconscious.

Only 2 things were echoing in my mind.

“Run in 2 hours or regret!”
“Gowtham is alive!”

What should I do now?

Get it done on Fiverr

And who is Gowtham in my life?

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 3.

Is this Love again? - Episode 2
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