Is this Love again? – Episode 3

Is this Love again? - Episode 3
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 2.

Who is Gowtham in my life ?

5 years ago…

Hi, I am Pooja Vasudevan doing my second year engineering in one of thousand engineering colleges in Tamilnadu.

I am the most talkative girl in my class but hardly I did spoke with boys. It doesn’t mean I hate boys. I have browsed a lot about boy’s psychology which pushed me to this decision.

Guys have their own rules for girls

1. “Crying is blackmail“ – but why don’t they understand crying gives us a better relief than fighting with them ?

2. ”Ask for what you want. Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!“ Uffff !!! Well leaving hints is a romantic way in love. Hard time boys do understand.

3. “Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.” – but life gives us so many options that mere yes or no is not enough guys.

4. ”Anything boys said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 Days.” – How could we believe them in this case?

4. “Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions and neither do guys need.” – well Christopher Columbus had an spirit to achieve something that’s what we want to have in you.

5. “ Don’t ask them what they’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as FOOTBALL, CRICKET, or TENNIS.“ – Girls have many other interests which is hard to discuss with boys.

Well the list goes on. So to be on a safer side I actually avoided guys. Well most of the girls said my opinion about boys is wrong and they added “boys are actually sweet sometimes“.

Well I avoided friendship with such gals and there was a person who was exactly like me. My Best Friend Harini !
We had been in the same room in hostel for the past 2 years and we did share the same bench in our classroom. We were like inseparable birds in our college. Neither did we had the idea of talking with boys nor gave a pathway for the guys to flirt with us.

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Every girl has her own dream of getting married. Some prefer Love marriage some prefer arranged marriage and some prefer no marriage at all. I do not fall in either of the above category. I do want to do “Random Marriage”.

Sounds weird ? Well I have a flash-back for this bizarre decision.

Vasudevan, my dad is my first best friend in the world. He married my mom Helen 20 years ago and it was a perfect Love marriage that too inter-religion marriage.

My mom is an exact replica of the usual moms you find in serials. She will make things happen just by weeping and quoting standard sentimental dialogues.

Fo dad, the dialogue goes on like this. “I know Vasu you have stopped loving me ! All men are the same. When I was young and beautiful you were ready to offer me anything. Now I am old and you need a repair. Is this what you show to the girl who left her family and relatives just for the man whom she loved. I should have listened to my parents. I have made a great blunder in my life by wedding you”.

And when this dialogue is about to end supernatural tears would start its march from her eyes and official cough at regular intervals. And the last target was packing some clothes as if she is gonna leave us forever.

Poor daddy ! He gets arrested at the end and finally mom obtains what she wished.

And she was even capable enough to influence me and Brother Tamil.

The only dialogue which she uttered to us was “Is this the respect you give to your mom for having you safe in my womb for 10 full months? I risked my own life to give life to you both. And I did forfeit my wishes to make you happy. Is this what you gift your mom back?” And as usual tears next followed by cough and then the very same bag package.

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We three had gone fed up this behavior and it was always my mother who decides everything in our family.

At times dad used to get irritated and argue in return which would pave way for a fight for one month.

Well when parents do fight it the poor children gets affected. And I did started hating Love marriage even from my age of 5.

And arranged marriage chanceless ! It would be my mother’s choice if it is arranged marriage. Her taste and mine are extremely different. No! I cant give the job of finding my life partner to my parents.

So I preferred Random marriage. It’s like having bunch of proposals before and make a random pick, he will be my Life partner. I strongly believe In fate.

Today my dad was narrating his love story to me. I guess this is the 195th time am hearing the same story! He was telling how he proposed to my mom, how she removed her slippers and waved before my father and how finally she accepted his love, their register marriage. It’s always nice to hear your parent’s love story.

“Dad, Can I ask you something?” I interrupted him.

“Ya Pooja dear, do ask” Dad sounded very enthusiastic to answer.

“How did you know that you were in love?”

“hmmm… well it’s a different feel Pooja. I used to see your mom from distance. Never had the guts to approach her. I thought it was just affection. But later on I realized that I couldn’t restrict myself from seeing her. She was a lure amidst a crowd. And seeing her photo I always had a feeling that she belongs to me. Its a man thing. Can’t make you understand” well dad was blushing then.

“but what made you to choose mom? Was she so beautiful dad?”

“Ya she was beautiful. Actually hot.” He winked at me with a smile and continued


“But more than that her character was unpredictable. I just an urge to find what’s there in this girl.”

“So dad, you risked your life to find what’s hidden in a girl’s character. Huh?”

“Well Risk edukarathellam engalukku rusk saapdura maari“
{Taking risk is like eating rusk for me}

And we both couldn’t control our laugh. I never know that is going to be the last chat with my dad.

Three days later I received a call, It was a call which is gonna put my life in hell.

Dad met with a major accident! It shattered our life into pieces.

I rushed to the hospital to see my dad. My mom was crying like hell and it was impossible to console her. A series of 3 major operations was done on my dad.

After 16 hours of operation, the doctor called us to his cabin.

“Mrs. Vasudevan. Am sorry to say this. We were able to save your husband but hardly he could live for a month. His lungs has been tore apart by glass. And he lost one leg too. Don’t give him any tension. He will gain his conscious in 12 hours. I have …” the doctor was going on speaking something and my mind was completely blank.

Is my dad gonna die in a month? Hell no! It Can’t happen!

After 2 days my mom was permitted to meet my dad in ICU for 5 minutes.

When she came back the first words which she uttered was “Dad wants to see your marriage! And he wants you to marry Dr. Gautham”

Marriage? In a month? And who is Dr. Gautham?

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 4.

Is this Love again? - Episode 3
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