Is this Love again? – Episode 4

Is this Love again? - Episode 4 1
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 3.

“Dad wants to see your marriage! And he wants you to marry Dr.Gautham”
What? Marriage? “But mom. In this situation I can’t.”

“Look Pooja. Stop arguing and try to understand. It’s his wish. He can’t rest in peace unless he finds you getting married happily. Won’t you do this for your father? And moreover Dr. Gautham is the best choice” mom sounded somewhat relaxed now.

And to my surprise, She knows Dr. Gautham.

“And Pooja. Gautham called me an hour before. He will be here to meet you in half an hour. “And she left the place to meet chief doctor.

I have seen in cinemas. Whenever mom or dad would be in dead bed, they will make the hero or heroine to marry a villain. Then their life would be in misery. Is my life gonna end like that?

And who is this Goutham? How does my parents know him? And even if they knew him would he accept to marry me? Does he know me? And why is he coming here? Just to meet me?

Uffff!!!! There were many questions to be answered and I knew, Goutham only could answer this. Though I don’t want this marriage at the moment, I could feel some eagerness inside me to meet him.

Well half an hour is there. I was badly in need of some fresh air. So I thought I would take a walk in the hospital lawn. Evening breeze was very enchanting. I could feel my heart getting lighter after a walk. I washed my face in the nearby tap to hide my dullness.

“Are you feeling better Miss. Pooja?” It was a soft male voice.

“Ya. Pardon who” there was a man standing nearby who was tall, handsome with an adorable smile. Without any introduction I knew it was Gautham Or to be clearer I wished he was Gautham.

“Am Gautham. Your dad must have said.“ even he was searching for words.

I just nodded in return.

“It must be a tough time. Vasudevan is a great man. What did doctor said?”

“He has fixed time for my dad” I couldn’t control my tears.

“Please Pooja. Don’t cry. The world of medicine is very big. We can get him cured.” And he handed me his kerchief.

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“Do you think he can be cured?”

“Believe in God. He has done miracles.” And it was the same adorable smile.

I had a feel of relief when he was with me. And I had thousands of questions to ask and God only knows why I was silent.

“So Pooja. You must have questions to ask.” It was Goutham as though he had read my mind.

“No. I mean Yes“ I was struggling with words.

“No No don’t strain yourself Pooja. Am the doctor to whom your mother is consulting for her diabetes. I had seen you twice in the hospital but you hardly came inside my room. Only your Dad did accompany her. I liked you even from the first sight. I won’t say its love. But still I could feel my heart skip a beat whenever I saw you. So I asked your parents for a proposal. But I never imagined I would meet you in such a critical situation.” And he was looking deep into my eyes.

I always had a problem in seeing a person eye to eye and talk. And this guy had something in his eyes. So I did kept my sight as far as possible from him.

“See Gautham I can’t think of marriage at this situation” a firm voice of mine replied him.

“So shall I assume you have rejected my proposal?”

“No. Not exactly. It’s too fast for me“ I was swallowing my words.

“It means a yes!” he winked at me.

“No. Not really. Please Goutham. I need time to think. hhhhhhmmmm shall I tell my answer after 2 days”

Why am I pleading to him?

“So it’s an obvious yes.” He was smiling.

“How? I never said yes.”

“Well its girls psychology. When a girl hates a proposal she would refuse at the very first time. If she asks time she obviously likes the boy. So love at first sight huh?” he was looking at me so curiously.

“Hey stop it. Don’t assume things of your own.” I could feel my cheek getting red.

“You look more beautiful when you blush.”

I couldn’t stand there more so I started to walk fast inside the hospital.

“Hey Pooja. Just a minute.“ He caught hold of my hand.

“Leave my hand. People are watching” I was restless.

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“Oh am sorry“

I know he was really feeling sorry.

“That’s ok. What you want?”

“I need you. I mean your number. You could know me better in phone. I have loads to talk to you. Can I?“ his request was very humble to say No and we did exchange our numbers.

I was waiting for his message/call ever since the second I gave him my number.

Well he never gave me a chance to wait.

There was a message after a minute.

“You looked really very gorgeous in this white salwar :)”

It is a pleasant feel to get such comments from a man whom you love. Sorry even from the man whom you like. Mom was very curious to know my result. And she kept pestering me with questions. “Do you like him? What did he said? Shall we arrange marriage by the end of this month?”

“Mom Please give me a break. I will let you know my decision after 2 days. But please stop pestering me like this.”

And the next two days were the most beautiful days in my life. We did discussed about everything. I was always found with my phone.

Well our tastes were very different. But we started to admire each other’s tastes.

He was humorous. Exactly talkative like me. Our discussions revolved around very common topics.

He loved Football and was a fan of Manchester United Team. Though I have heard the name for the first time, now I have gathered enough information about the team prepared enough to answer a Quiz. Is this love?

I said I liked novels very much and was a fan of Dan Brown and Sydney Shelton and my favorite novel was “The Deception Point”.

Next day got message from him at early morning 5 “Really it’s a great book Pooja”

“Which book?” and I was still in sleep mode.

“The deception Point. And the climax was stunning!”

“You said you never read novels. But how?”

“Well Just want to know what has made my Pooja so addicted to that book 🙂 :)”

My Pooja! I couldn’t take my eyes away from that message.

“Don’t say you completed the entire novel in one night :P“

“Ya I did :P”

“You are crazy Gautham”

“Yaa Crazy on you. Hey can I say something?“

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“I love you. love you a lot. will you marry me?”

I was frozen for a minute. A direct proposal! I was confused what to reply.

“Hey…” It was message from Gautham.

“Reply something…“ Goutham again.

“:) .. Can I tell you tomorrow?”

I never knew why did I put the smiley at the beginning of my message.

“:) :):) 🙂 ya sure dia. I ll be waiting for your reply.”

“dia? What’s dia?”

“Just like dear. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I Love you Diaaaaaaaaa”

“Its time I have to go to hospital. brb :)”

“tc. Love you :)“

When I went to hospital mom gave me some money.

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“Pooja. I had a talk with Gautham’s mother. Their wedding anniversary is tomorrow. They have some special prayer in their home tomorrow. So be ready by 5 AM. Gautham said he will pick you from our home. Get some gift for them ok?”


I called Gautham immediately after that.

“Hey Gautham. Is it true that your parent’s Anniversary is tomorrow?”

“No. Oh ya ya yes yes.”

“Hey don’t lie. Come on tell me the truth. Where are we going tomorrow”

“Ooty. I swear you will be home by 8 PM. Please don’t say no. It was Me along with my mom who have planned this. You are coming ok. Be ready at 5. bye dia.“

And the call was cut.

He never did asked my opinion at all.

I too wanted to go out with him. But Ooty is too much. Its approximately 564 km from Chennai. Guess he has booked Flight.

“Please honey. don’t say no. I just wanna show a place which is very special to my heart. Please be ready ok. love u”
It was message from him.

I don’t want to say no. Well, Proposing your love in Ooty would be even more romantic.

Well I was ready for my first date.

We never knew it was going to be our last date.

What happened in Ooty?

To be continued…

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Is this Love again? - Episode 4
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