Is this Love again? – Episode 5

Is this Love again? - Episode 5
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 4.

Well I was ready for my first date. “Be ready at 5 am“ these words were echoing in my mind. Well having your dad in dead bed and going on a date is not respectable. Am I a bad daughter? I don’t want to say No to Gautham. He too knew that my dad was in dead bed and in these two days I was really fascinated by the way he took care of my dad. He did telephone some foreign doctors and was discussing about my father’s condition. And he also assured that if one more operation happens Dad can survive.

“We have planned to go for lobectomy Pooja. It’s a treatment which we do use to cure lung cancer. But I do strongly believe this would make your dad survive. In this operation, we would remove part of the lung which is damaged and the lymph nodes which receives drainage from that. But don’t panic. Our lung tissue has the capacity to expand and then it makes easier for the patient to breathe“ Gautham was expounding about the treatment with so much concern.

I was able to understand only the part of his speech which would an average engineering student could understand. He seemed to be an angel descended from God to help us. I had a Strong sensation inside me “Ooooooh. Am gonna get my dad back :)”.

Well, Everything was going fine. But still it’s human tendency to dither whenever you have to take decisions. A pessimist inside me was having its own argument, “Going with a man whom you have known only for 2 days that too 560 kms far is not adequate. That too being an Indian girl you have your own boundaries. Don’t dare to cross it.“

And the optimist was having its own point, “Saying no to a man whom you love and who has helped you in a critical situation is inhuman And Gautham is a decent guy and he has assured you that you will be home at 8 PM“. And it was pessimist turn now “Are you mad Pooja. How could you travel 560 kms and come back at 8?“.

And optimist started to do its calculation “5.30 flight to Coimbatore. It takes one hour. Coimbatore to Ooty if we take the highways you would be in Ooty in 2 and a half hours. So finally 3 and a half hours for travel. I will be there at 10 at maximum. Can spend till 4 pm. again can travel back. hmmm. even if it delays due to traffic I will be here by 10 maximum. nothing wrong”.

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Well it was the optimist who finally won. Human mind has an affinity to judge something weird as acceptable if we really desire it could happen. And now I was really ready for my first date and I swore to myself that this is the final decision and I won’t ponder about it again.

That was in fact a very long night. Slept very late. Though Goutham didn’t come in my dreams It was a pleasant dream. First time in my life I got up at 3.30 AM and I was surprised to see 4 missed calls from Gautham. I did called him back.

He picked up in the very first ring.

“Hey. good morning Dia. Sorry I disturbed your sleep.” it was Gautham in his sweetest voice.

“Hey nothing like that. am fine. So you got up so early.”

“Actually I didn’t sleep at all. I was haunted by your memories. And Its going to be our first date. Am excited.” and the excitement was obvious in his voice.

“hhmmmmm. even am excited. So when are you coming here?”

“I will be there at 4.30. we have to catch 5.15 Flight.“

So he has thought 15 minutes ahead me.

“Ya k. I ll be ready. seeya soon”

“gonna see my angel soon. Bye“

And I was ready even before 5 minutes. Gautham was on time. He was in blue jeans and black T-shirt. He was staring at me as if He has undergone a shock. Am I looking so bad?

“Hello Goutham. Are you k?” I started waving my hand before his stunned face.

Again no reaction.

“Hello goutham. What happened?” I patted his arms slowly.

“Oh am sorry. I was actually mesmerized. You are gorgeous today. So shall v start?”

“ya sure.”

“Please.” He did opened the car and waved his hand to get inside and bowed gently.

“Oh Goutham. Thanks” I was really nervous. This is the first time in my life someone opening the car door for me that too with a bow. And our ride started. Road was deserted at that time. Goutham was driving the car very cautiously.

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“Thanks Pooja” It was Gautham who broke our silence first.

“Thanks for what?”

“For Trusting me” and he stopped the car and looked into my eyes and he continued “I know it would have been difficult for you to decide to come with me or not. You didn’t even question me why are we going there. I really feel very proud that you trust me so blindly. You know what trust is more powerful than Love. Thanks”

“No need to thank Goutham. You have done lots for our family. It’s just”

“Whatever it is Pooja. am very happy today“ he smiled at me and started his car.

“So what are we gonna do in Ooty?“ I queried him.

“haan. finally my girl has inquired me what we are gonna do in Ooty?” he did smiled. Well there is something special in his smile.

“Can you guess Pooja. what are we gonna do there?” he winked at me.

What can I answer to this?

“Am not sure. May be we will have a ride. Or a lunch Or… Or…“ Damn I really don’t know what are we gonna do there

“Or romance?” Goutham giggled.

“what? See Goutham. This is not” I felt restless.

“hey Pooja. don’t panic. just kidding. do you remember Dr. Venkat specialist in lungs treatment“

“Oh ya. You said If he gives treatment to my father chances of saving my father is very high. So”

“So. we are gonna meet him. He is on a vacation to Ooty with his family. Since the time left is very less I thought I would consult him and then make arrangements for the operation. He was my college professor. You know what Pooja? I was his favorite Student when I said about my marriage with you he and his wife wants to meet you badly. So I thought I would bring you here and introduce you to them. And we will be having our lunch with Venkat and his wife”.

I was speechless for few seconds…

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“Gautham I never… I never thought I mean Thanks a lot a Goutham. You are really an amazing person”

“No need of thanks Pooja. And to be frank there is some selfishness hidden in this. After all I will get some time to be with my Pooja” And we did reached airport.

From Coimbatore we continued our journey by car.

When we did reached Ooty it was 10 already. Goutham drove straight to the hotel where that doctor was staying.

“Pooja wait here in the reception. I ll go and bring Venkat sir down”

I was waiting for a bit long very anxiously with my dad’s medical records. Gautham came down. I was expecting some old doctor with him but to my surprise there was only an aunty accompanying him.

“Hi am Meenakshi. Venkat sir’s wife”

“Hello aunty” I smiled at her.

“How was the journey dear?” Meenakshi mam asked me.

“Ya fine aunty“ and I was searching someone.

“Guess you are searching my husband. there is a medical emergency. so he has left to Ooty hospital. you know It’s hard to manage a husband who is a Doctor. Even during vacation time he is not free. his profession is important than his family” she was looking upset but yet proud. I will be saying the same dialogue after some years as Goutham’s wife. when I did turned towards Goutham he was looking very upset. Not upset he was angry in fact.

“Goutham are U Ok?”

“Pooja shall we leave?”

“but Gautham. Lets wait for Venkat sir. We have to show the medical records”

“Pooja lets leave“ He was frowning indeed.

“Gautham. But”

“I said Lets leave” Goutham started to move outside the lobby.

“sorry mam. We ll come back soon. Goutham is not feeling well I guess. Sorry again” I started to go back Gautham.

Why is Goutham so angry?

Why didn’t he wait for the doctor to come?

And what’s gonna happen in Ooty next?

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 6.

Is this Love again? - Episode 5
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