Is this Love again? – Episode 6

Is this Love again? - Episode 6
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Why is Goutham so angry?

I started to follow him.

This time he banged the door of the car. After I got inside the car he started the car so ferociously as if he is gonna kill someone.

“Please slow down Goutham. What’s wrong with you?”

“Pooja. Could you please be silent for few minutes?”

Well the best way to calm a guy is to be silent. I remained silent and opened the car window. May the chill breeze cool him.

I don’t know where he was heading to and didn’t want to add fuel to his anger by asking where is he going. Since it was not season time in Ooty, there was less traffic. He went out of city and parked his car near Pykara river bank.

Pykara is the most beautiful river in this hill. Well the area was deserted and we did found some newly married couples here and there scattered. He did identified a desolate place near the river bank and sat. I don’t want to disturb his privacy at least for a while. So I did sit little away from him near the river bank. The water was icy to touch. And there was fog everywhere. The best way to kill time near a river bank is to throw stones in it. No other go I started to throw stones to check the depth of river.

Gautham was talking very seriously in cellphone. Might be he is consulting some other doctor. And after few minutes Goutham was looking very calm indeed. Well I will ask him how is he feeling after 2 minutes.

When I was about to stand and go near him, Gautham came and sat near me.

“Sorry Pooja. Sometimes I behave so weird”

“That’s k. Are you k now?”

“I should ask you this. Sorry I must have spoiled your day”

“Nothing like that Gautham. If am not bothering you can I know the reason behind your rage?”

“That Venkat. I fell like killing him. #@$%^… He has got some offer in States. So he is leaving there in 2 days. He has left a message to his wife to convey to me that he wont be able to take this case. $%@* If he has planned to leave can’t he convey the message to me before I start? Hell with him”

His body was shuddering in rage.

“Hey please calm down. We could consult some other specialist.”

“I know that Pooja. But it’s a critical situation. You know what I had an appointment with Dr. Malhotra today. Since this idiot assured me that he vll take care I cancelled his appointment and came here. Now am 500 kms far from the city sitting near a river bank and screaming with agony. Shit!” He did banged hid hand hard towards a rock.

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“Hey Goutham. Please. Don’t hurt yourself.“

Goutham was silent.

“Come on goutham. Even we have chances left. We could contact some other specialist. Or who knows even Venkat’s appointment may get cancelled and he might help us. God will show us some way”

“ya I wish he shows”

And again there was a deadly silence between us. After a nap Goutham turned towards me.

“You know what Pooja. You are really an amazing girl.“ he smiled.

Thank God he his fine now.

“You have a cute grin“ I really meant it.

“Oh really. Getting such an obligation from a beautiful girl has made my day.”

“I do lie sometimes. Please don’t mistake me k“ I giggled.

“Even lies you utter are beautiful!“ He was looking deep into my eyes.

This time I remained quiet. Silence is the best way to communicate in Love. Words play meager part.

“Pooja” It was Gautham’ s whisper.

“Ya Goutham“ My voice was little loud. Well, I don’t want to whisper in reply and pay way for a perfect romance.

“I love you“ Gautham was in dreamy mood.

“haaan. Goutham you have said this many times. How many times will you repeat?”

“Till I get back one”

“So if you get back one you won’t say that again?” I looked at him with a question.

“Pooja. Do you think there will be time to talk after I get one back?” he winked at me back.

How do guys have this readymade dialogues in return? Well if I answer something he would lock me again with some other question So I had a readymade answer what girls do usually give.

“Gautham It’s getting late let’s leave We didn’t have anything since morning. Am hungry“

“Guess I did asked you a question. Am hungry for the answer Miss. Pooja”

“You said you know psychology. Find the answer by yourself. Am leaving“ I stood and started to walk towards the car. I don’t want Goutham see me blushing and tease me again.

“hey Pooja. wait I need the answer” he started to chase me. By the time he was about to catch me I was inside the car.

We were not kids to run and play. But still it was nice. I do remember how me and my friends used to tease the hero and heroine if they chase and play in the movies.

Goutham got inside the car. He was sighing very heavily. I know he was acting. We had run for only few yards.

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“Uffff!!! Pooja you run very fast. If I have to elope with you I must train myself in running for a month I guess” he was making his face expressions as though he is very sad. I was not able to control my laugh.

“so shall we leave Pooja? even I am very hungry”

“Ya sure Goutham.”

Ooty is like an heaven. You could see greenery everywhere. And wherever you go you could find people selling carrots near roadside. A small boy stopped our car and nearly begged us to get his carrots.

“Give us all the carrots you have“ It was Gautham.

“But Goutham. Why do we want all these carrots. Merely 2 bundles are enough”

But despite my words He got everything.

“20 bundles saahab. 400 rs”

Gautham gave that boy 500 Rs and never asked for change and started the car.

“So 100 Rs is tips are you gonna take these carrots to home?”

“No. I will give these to the animals we find on the way. Monkeys, Starving Horses, Wild buffaloes. You can see Lots roaming in Ooty. We humans have cleared their habitat for our pleasure. Atleast we could repay by feeding them. And more ever that poor boy has earned his living today did you saw the happiness in him when I bought everything. There is no better feel in the world than making others happy”

I was indeed mesmerized by his talk. But I guess I have seen the same scene and heard the same dialogue in a movie but it was in different words all though.

“Why are you smiling Pooja?”

Oh god I have smiled. Damn. Why this face reflects immediately what we think?

“Nothing Goutham. It’s just a smile“

“Hey come on. Tell me. what were you thinking?”

“the way you helped that boy and idea of feeding animals. Guess I have seen this scene in some movie”

“ha ha. May be this act sounds filmy. but it gives a good feel you know. Try once. You can never stop yourself from helping others” and the same migrant smile of his.

By the time we reached a hotel and we had our breakfast cum lunch. I did picked some carrots and started to feed a starving horse which was standing near by. It was very skinny that you count the number of bones it has.

“Feeling good ah?” It was goutham behind me.

“Believe me. It works“ I was smiling back at him.

“so shall we start Pooja. Its 2 already. In 2 hours Ooty would be fully covered with fog and we could hardly travel then”

“Ya sure Gautham. But these carrots”

“Don’t worry. You would find hundreds of animals on the way“

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It was the most beautiful ride in my life. Gautham was humming some song and was riding the car. Whenever we did found some animals Gautham used to slow down the car and I did placed some carrots before those animals. It was indeed fun.

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“So Pooja. when are going to propose your Love? A Poor guy is waiting for it”

“Oh really? I couldn’t see any Poor guy over here” I was falsely searching for people around the car.

“Hey Pooja. Am serious. I thought you would propose soon and am waiting for that special minute. Please don’t make me to wait much long.“

“Hey goutham. See a buffalo is there stop the car. Lets put some carrots”

“All girls are the same!” I heard Goutham murmering

“Goutham you asked something?”

“Nothing. please go and feed the buffalo. Its important“ he was frowning at me.

We reached Coonur after an hour. Coonur is a town nearby Ooty and it was famous for its fruit festival. Gautham stopped the car near a hotel somewhere near the outskirts of Coonur.

“Hey Pooja. Be in the car.. have an urgent work there”

“Is everything k Goutham? “ I was indeed worried.

“I want everything to be fine here. Just 5 minutes k. Its urgent“

Now I perfectly understood what he meant.

“Ya please. Carry on.“ I was feeling difficult to hide my smile.

When he comes back I would propose to him. But I have nothing to gift him. Let me get a rose for him but where can I find the rose?

To my relief I did found an old lady selling roses near by I got down the car and went to buy that rose.

All of a sudden I felt someone pulling me back and was closing my mouth with a kerchief. Before I could speak a word I was dragged into some other car. I could see 2 enormous men getting inside the car and the car started to move.

I was fighting back with them as my hands were free at that time and I did hit one of that men. I did felt a strong needle being pierced into my skin.

Am I being sedated?

“Chalo we will be late to Mumbai Train“ I could heard some silent voices.

Well, everything was dark after

Am I being kidnapped to Mumbai?

What happened to goutham?

Will my father be saved?

To be Continued..

Is this Love again? - Episode 6
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