Is this Love again? – Episode 7

Girl Very Sad
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Well, everything was dark after…

“Awwwwww” I was feeling difficult to open my eyes.. There was terrible pain on my head.. Every inch of my body was groaning in pain.. I was not able to get up and had weird feeling of some monster is on top of my head…

Girl Very Sad
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When my eyes finally got its vision I saw the world’s dirtiest room in front.. I was lying in a filthy mat with an obscene pillow on it.. There was an incandescent bulb exactly above me fighting hard with fluctuating voltage to deliver the desired lighting inside the room.. The room was almost deserted and an old chair was lying on one end… An antiquated fan was running above my head and it circulated more noise than air. Some old newspapers were scattered around the room. I saw some rats running around me and they dared not to come near me…And thank God I was wearing the same dress.

“Hell !! Where am I??” I never knew for how many days I had been here in this condition.. Neither a calendar was there nor I could find anyone who could at least tell me the date. There was feebleness in my legs and it was as big challenge to get up. But I have to.. By gathering all the enduring strength of mine I acquired to stand.. There was a window covered with a mosquito net which had holes enough for a big sized rat to enter.

Outside the window it was dark.. So it is night time..

“Hello… anybody there? ”

There was no response except some unnerved rats running around the room. I went near the door and It was not a big wonder that it was locked.. I tried to push it hard.. But I was not a super hero or RajiniKanth’s heir to open the locked door in a single push.

“Please Let me out” I started to bang the door as many times as possible. But there no response in return.. Having regained all the consciousness back I was feeling hungry. There was a small mud pot near the window. Please god !! Let me find some water in it..

I hastily went near the mud pot and there was only a meager amount of water left in it. There was a strong stench of alcohol in that pot . I thought I would better die than drinking this water.
“Please some one save me!!! “ Though I was not able to scream this time It was clear enough for a person standing few yards away from me could sense it. With all energy drained I crawled to that filthy bed and lied on it.. I was not able to stop my trickling tears. That was the only company I had at that time.

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After few minutes I sensed someone nearing the door and unlockingit. I quickly moved near the chair and took a broken part of it as a weapon. If someone dares to come near me I would beat him to hell with this …What if the kidnapper has gun?? Well no time for negative thoughts now.

I was standing in a position ready to hit anyone who comes before me. I was expecting the same Gundas who has kidnapped me in Coonur. But to my surprise I saw a beautiful woman in her early thirties standing before me with a plate in one hand and glass in other.

“You are a strong woman Pooja “she walked towards me with a smile.

“Don’t dare to come near me.. I will …..“ I was feeling hard to breathe even.

“You will Kill me ah?? But u need strength to hold your most powerful weapon.. “ she chuckled . I know I was weak..

“Sit down Pooja.. You have to face many monsters from now.. Have some food” she was looking at me with sympathy. Damn!! I hate people showing sympathy on me.

But I was too hungry for any emotions .but If this food is sedated ??? It’s better to be hungry than losing the conscious..

“Believe me.. This food is safe..” I was staring at her which must have conveyed its meaning that I don’t trust her.

She had a bite of bread which she brought and did drank some water from the glass..

“It’s safe.. You can have..”

With no more hesitation I grabbed the food from her and started to swallow it. I was too hungry to chew the food.. At that second I understood why people become thieves and murderers for food. That rough bread with no jam or sauce was like heaven at that time. After I finished the entire food I looked at her. She was gazing at me.

“Why are you looking at me like this ?? where am I?? What do you guys want from me??”

“Easy Pooja.. You will get answers to all the questions you have asked and to all the questions which you are going to ask. But I have very less time left.. So listen me carefully.. and you have to trust me k.. ”

I nodded in return.

“This is a place near Mumbai where girls are sold for money”

“what ?? But I thought I was kidnapped for ransom.. and Gou..”

“Shut up Pooja.. Listen me… It’s not only you.. Many more gals are being brought here and sold. And am here to rescue you”

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“Rescue me?? So shall we ..?”

“Wat shall we run ??? See this is not a place amidst a forest and you could run at night as you see in films.. Its fully guarded.. Local rowdies ,Gundas and police support .. You can’t even imagine running away .. And this place is very active at night.. Hope u understand”

I felt my heart was pounding very hard with fear..

“You had been in sedation for 2 days.. Guess they had by mistake given you less doze.. Normally gals brought here would be in sedation for 3 days at least.”

“Being in sedation for 2 days is less doze???”

“Oh ya.. Atleast here.. I was in sedation for 3 and a half days…”

“what ??? So you too..?”

“Ya .. It was long back.. Now I have no life to live. Leave that.. See.. Before they sell you, You have to fool them and escape..”

“Goutham will come and rescue me”

“Who’s Goutham?? Your hero ah?? See in real life villains are more powerful than the heros.. Stop this rubbish talk”

“Why do you want to save me??”

“To be more clear.. It’s not me who want to save you.. It’s we, a team who wants to rescue poor girls from this hell. And I need your cooperation .Girls here are not allowed to talk with each other. I have risked my own life. And promise me If you get caught you shouldn’t utter a single word about me..” She was looking at me deeply.

I was deep shock .. Why does she wants to save me ?? If they are a team why do they all want to save me ?? And if this place is heavily guarded how can I escape???

“Hello Pooja.. Say something..”

“How do you know my name ?? “

“That’s not important now.. you want to escape from here or not??”

“Ya.. “

“then listen.. As far as the information I got they are gonna sedate you again and Suraj will decide to whom to sell you to.. Suraj will be here by tomorrow noon.. Before he comes here you have to get away from this place. “

We did heard some footsteps near our room..

“Hey someone is coming… Hey have this.. Hide it somewhere out of their sight.. Make them believe you are in sedation still.. I can’t come here again.. Javeed will help you tomorrow.. Now sleep” And she handed me a small parcel… I did placed it under the mat and started to pretend that am in sedation still.

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I did heard some footsteps near me..

“Hey sheela.. she got up ??” a man enquired in an imperious voice..

“No bhaai saap.. Guess she is dozed heavily.. Can’t get up for one more day..”

“So what are you doing here??? “It was another rough voice of a man..

“Heard some noise.. thought it was the gal .. But these #$%^# rats “

“Get lost from here..” the same man screamed at her..

And Sheela left the place..

And I did heard those 2 men discussing something very secretly.

I was able to hear them very clearly.

“k have this.. Rohypnol .. Inject it If she gets up.. Don’t overdoze her k.. Suraj bhai wants to meet this girl in person.. He will be here tomorrow night”

“Ya k saahab…”

“Be outside the room.. And watch this girl carefully” and then one man left..

The other man was walking here and there inside the room and he finally locked the door and after a while I heard snoring sound of a man.. It was like some giant had its feast and is sleeping after 100 years..

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room.. That man ,who could be late forties was sitting near the door and he was sleeping.. He must weigh at least 100 kgs and could apply for wrestling competition. He was Indian White in color and was cleanly saved. If not in this situation I would have believed him to be a retired software engineer..

I didn’t dare to move but slowly took out the parcel.. It was a parcel covered with newspaper. There was a red mask which would cover only eyes and a red t-shirt.. what am I supposed to do with this??? And who is Javeed??

And when I tried to cover the parcel again with the newspaper I found a bit of paper inside..

It had a crisp message in it.

“Join our group wearing this at 9 AM tomorrow – J”

J for Javeed ?? But how can I join them.. 9 AM???

I turned the paper again to find if something was hidden Or something encrypted.. But nothing was there except those lines.

I started to wait for the dawn.. May be I will get some clue in the morning..

I never knew the clue was already with me..

What was that???

To be continued…

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